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The Ggazprom Neft Board of Directors reviews its implementation of initiatives in environmental protection

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The Gazprom Neft Board of Directors has reviewed the implementation of the company’s main initiatives in environmental protection throughout 2017, as well as plans for 2018.

As part of implementing the Presidential Decree on Russia’s “Year of Ecology”, and as instructed by Gazprom’s Chairman of the Management Committee, 2017 was also designated the “Year of Ecology” within Gazprom Neft.

The company implemented more than 1,000 nature-conservation initiatives over the course of the year, investing a total RUB17.5 billion. The main areas of focus under this programme, in terms of Gazprom Neft’s operational activities during this time, were reducing atmospheric emissions, reducing flaring of associated petroleum gas (APG), fine-tuning waste water treatment systems and the management of production waste, enhancing the environment around production facilities and work camps, and improving employees’ environmental awareness.

As a result of implementing this programme Gazprom Neft was honoured with an award from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation, “For Active Environmental Policy During the ‘Year of Ecology’”.

One project, designated as being of federal significance, and included by the Government of the Russian Federation in its planned events for the “Year of Ecology”, concerned the construction of cutting-edge “biosphere” wastewater treatment facilities at Gazprom Neft refineries. The company completed the construction of its “Biosphere” complex at its Moscow Refinery in 2017, taking the efficiency of the plant’s wastewater treatment to 99.9 percent, as well as commencing the implementation of a similar project at the company’s refinery in Omsk.

The company’s overriding priority in environmental protection is to ensure environmental safety in implementing its offshore projects. Comprehensive environmental monitoring confirms the absence of any negative impacts of offshore projects on the environment, and the implementation of a corporate biodiversity conservation programme is helping maintain the stability of marine ecosystems in the Russian Arctic. This programme has been developed by Gazprom Neft on the recommendation of UN representatives, the Global Environmental Fund (GEF), the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the World Wildlife Fund in Russia.

The key priority in 2018 will be implementing projects directed at achieving key performance objectives in terms of the environment. Key environmental initiatives this year include developing APG-utilisation infrastructure at the company’s fields, including APG reinjection techniques; implementing technologies to reduce manmade environmental impacts as part of the company’s modernisation and reconstruction of its refining facilities; and construction of local treatment facilities at the company’s sales sites.