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The HR Solutions Centre goes into operation in Omsk

The company’s accounting and IT services having already transferred to the city, Gazprom Neft has now completed the process of consolidating part of its corporate functions in Omsk, with a new integrated HR Solutions Centre going into operation in Q12018. Transferring all of these services has resulted in more than 830 jobs being created, in total.

The new HR Solutions Centre will be responsible for recruitment, HR records management, administration of compensation and benefits, and organisational support for education and training. Centre specialists will, initially, be supporting seven Gazprom Neft subsidiaries, covering a headcount of more than 8,000, including the Moscow and Omsk Refineries. The new centre is expected to expand, in the future.

A round-the-clock control service is already in operation in Omsk, providing technical support to IT users in every region in which the company operates, which also acts as a contact centre for the accounting and personnel functions. In addition to this, IT support specialists are responsible for implementing and servicing digital projects for Gazprom Neft subsidiaries. The accounting service is responsible for all tax management and accounting for more than 50 subsidiaries across the Gazprom Neft group. All of these services are in contact with local higher educational institutions for recruitment purposes.