The latest ROMIR survey shows the Gazprom Neft filling station network to be the motorists’ favourite in Russia

The Gazprom Neft filling station network is now the most popular network among Russian motorists, according to research by Romir Holding, with 40 percent of respondents citing the Gazprom Neft network as their main preference in response to the question “Which filling station network’s services do you use most often?” Approximately 65 percent of those questioned had purchased fuel at the company’s stations at least once in the past six months. The Gazprom Neft filling station network was also first in terms of brand recognition: in response to the question “What filling station network comes to mind first of all?”, 39 percent of respondents named the Gazprom Neft filling station network, specifically.

In choosing gas stations, survey participants paid greatest attention to the availability of the petroleum products they needed, fuel cost and quality, equipment integrity, convenient locations and opening times, a wide range of related goods and the availability of additional services.

Fuel quality was the most important issue in choosing a filling station, with 93 percent of respondents referring specifically to this. The majority of survey participants had a good opinion of fuel quality at Gazprom Neft stations, with the best-known and most popular motor-fuel brand among survey participants being G-Drive fuel — 37 percent of motorists said that they buy this fuel most frequently.

According to Romir’s research, additional services and accompanying goods at filling stations are also important, in addition to fuel (27% of respondents). A further 19 percent said they were interested in having a coffee when filling up, and 18 percent had considered buying food. The Gazprom Neft filling station network pays particular attention to developing related products and services — the company’s most popular product here being its Drive Café, selling an average 76 cups of coffee per station per day throughout 2017.

According to Romir poll participants, the Gazprom Neft filling station network leads the fuel retailing market in terms of implementing high technology (45% of respondents), with the company offering its customers cutting-edge and convenient services for mobiles, manging filling-station equipment from remote dispatch centres, ensuring safety in transportation, and maintaining the quality of oil products through digitised transport solutions.

Participants from 21 of Russia’s regions took part in the Romir poll — all licence holders, car owners, and the decision-makers in choosing a filling station network and buying fuel, refuelling at least once every two to three months.