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The Moscow Oil Refinery processed more than 11 million tons of oil in 2013

The Moscow Oil Refinery processed 11.08 million tons of oil in 2013, surpassing the result of the previous year by 3.8% and becoming a new record of the company.

Output of light products grew by 4.2% in 2013 to 6.2 million tons, of which 2.3 million tons were high-octane gasolines (9.6% more than in 2012). Jet fuel production increased by 6.5% to 657,900 tons. Bitumen production set a new record of 1.07 million tons, which is 48.1% more than in 2012. Refining depth in 2013 was 72.3%.

The Moscow Refinery completed the first stage of a modernization program in 2013, enabling full changeover to production of engine fuel of Environmental Class 5 (Euro-5) two and a half years earlier than required by Technical Regulations of the Russian Government. New units for hydrotreatment of catalytic-cracking gasoline and light naphtha isomerization were commissioned, and the Refinery’s diesel hydrotreatment unit was renovated.

The large-scale modernization of production facility completed in 2013 has significantly reduced environmental impact, including sixfold reduction of oil-product concentrations in waste water thanks to installation of new purification equipment. Reconstruction of the bitumen unit reduced its pollutant emissions by 90% and reconstruction of the sulphur unit, which is now underway, will reduce hydrogen sulfide emissions by 70 times. An automated emission monitoring system has now been installed at the Moscow Refinery, which will enable monitoring of environmental compliance in real-time and improve the control of air quality at the production site and in nearby residential areas.

Arkady Egizaryan, the CEO of Gazpromneft-Moscow Refinery, said: “Modernization was our key achievement last year. It enabled us to substantially reduce our environmental impact, despite major growth of our operating results. We have switched to production of engine fuel meeting Euro-5 emission standards in record time. The Moscow Refinery is now undoubtedly one of the fastest developing refineries in Russia.”

The World Refining Association (WRA) has declared the Moscow Refinery to be the best oil refining enterprise in  the CIS on the basis of its achievements in 2013. The Refinery also won a prize as part of an environmental protection competition held by the Moscow Government in the nomination ‘Best implemented project using environmentally safe and energy-saving technologies’, recognizing its achievements in changeover to production of Euro-5 engine fuel.

Notes for editors

OJSC Gazpromneft-Moscow Refinery is a subsidiary of Gazpromneft. The Refinery has 12.15 million tons annual capacity and produces automobile gasolines, diesel, marine and jet fuel, fuel oil, high-octane additives to automobile gasolines, bitumens and gases for various applications. The Refinery meets about 40% of the petroleum product needs of the city of Moscow and the surrounding region. A large-scale modernization program has been underway at the Refinery since 2009. Total financing of the program up to 2020 will be in excess of RUB 130 billion.