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  • The Moscow Refinery’s “Biosphere” water treatment facility is named best infrastructure project at this year’s Eco Best Award

The Moscow Refinery’s “Biosphere” water treatment facility is named best infrastructure project at this year’s Eco Best Award

The Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery was among the winners at this year’s independent Eco Best Award — 2018, awarded for initiatives in ecology and energy and natural resources management, with the expert jury recognising the company’s new “Biosphere” water treatment facility in the “Best Infrastructure Project” nominations. The commissioning of this facility has been an important part of the environmental modernisation of the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery, being implemented by Gazprom Neft since 2011.

The unique Biosphere complex has increased effectiveness in wastewater treatment to 99.9 percent, meaning the Moscow Refinery has been able to move over almost entirely to a closed-loop system in water consumption. Thanks to this new complex, the Moscow Refinery has reduced its usage of river water by more than 2.5-fold, and cut wastewater volumes three-fold, reducing demand on local treatment facilities.

The Biosphere complex was developed by Russian engineers, built predominantly around the best domestic technology. Launched in 2017, the biological treatment facilities became one of the most important projects in Russia’s “Year of Ecology”, with the project having previously been recognised with a “Green Certificate” by the all-Russia “Green Patrol” non-governmental organisation (NGO), and at the international Ecoworld-2017 environmental awards.

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft has been implementing a comprehensive modernisation programme at its Moscow Refinery since 2011, the total cost of which stands at more than RUB250 billion. Initiatives implemented at the plant thus far have resulted in a 50-percent reduction in the environmental impacts of production. The completion of the second phase of modernisation in 2020 is expected to result in a further 50-percent reduction in environmental impacts.

The “Biosphere” biological treatment system is one of the key projects in the second stage of the Moscow Refinery modernisation programme. The Biosfera project envisages the use of a biological purification system, involving integrated water treatment technology, unique to Russia’s refining sector. Wastewater passes, in sequence, through filtration units, a biological treatment facility, a carbon filtration unit, a membrane bioreactor, and a reverse-osmosis unit. Investment in the project stands at RUB9 billion.

The independent “Eco Best Awards” are made in recognition of the best and most accessible practices in production and in scientific—business engagement in ecology and the development of ecological innovations. The aim of the project is to draw society’s attention to the problems of protecting and replenishing natural resources.