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The Okhta-Center Project Concept Revealed to St.Petersburg Architects

Yesterday, a revised concept of the Okhta-Center community and business complex was presented to the architect community of St.Petersburg by experts of the architectural company of RMJM at the office of JSC Gazprom Neft.

The presentation was attended by members of the City Planning Council, St.Petersburg Union of Architects, heads of the city’s design organizations and public figures, as well as St.Petersburg Vice-Governor Alexandr Vakhmistrov, Chairwoman of the Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks Vera Dementieva and Deputy Chairman of the Committee for City Planning and Architecture Victor Polischuk.

The RMJM Executive Director Tony Kettle and the chief architect of the Okhta-Center concept Filipp Nikandrov led the presentation and answered questions. In reply to the question about eventual emergence of blocks of high-rises in our city Filipp Nikandrov pointed out that the City Planning Council and the St.Petersburg community are the guarantors of observing planning regulations and compliance with procedures for reaching public consent when decisions are taken in respect of such unique structures as the Okhta-Center high-rise landmark is.

In accordance with architects’ design it is supposed to become the only high-rise building in the Okhta area and the city’s new architectural focus.

The RMJM representative also pointed out that implementation of a major project of such scale would not be possible without participation of Russian architects. The changes introduced in the project concept that lead to increased share of socially significant facilities imply involvement of many architectural and construction organization for their implementation.

At the meeting the Okhta-Center concept designers were recommended to prepare revised materials for consideration by the St.Petersburg City Planning Council.

One may recall at this junction that on May 28 the Commission for Examination and Implementation of Strategic Projects in St.Petersburg approved on the whole the concept design of the Okhta-Center project which is jointly financed by the city administration and JSC Gazprom Neft. In the course of ensued follow-up work the project was notably expanded by adding several socially significant facilities.