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The Gazpromneft filling station network secures “well known trademark” status in the Russian Federation

Russia’s Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) has registered the Gazpromneft filling station network’s brand identity as a “well known trademark” — a designation covering various brand identifiers recognisable to consumers, including graphics and design, and the standard brand colours used in gas station fit-out (“look and feel”). Having the status of a well known trademark offers greater legal protection, remaining in force indefinitely and covering all goods and services under World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) international classifications. This is the first time an inclusive brand identity has been registered in Russia as a well known trademark for the purposes of protecting a brand on the retail fuel market.

The Gazpromneft filling station network was first registered as a retail brand in 2009. In the space of 12 years the number of stations has increased to 1,397 across 46 of Russia’s regions, with regular customers (members of the brand’s On Our Way! Loyalty programme) reaching 13.3 million. The Gazpromneft filling station network has been repeatedly cited as Russian motorists’ favourite network according to research by Romir and Ipsos Comcon.

“Research has shown that the way gas stations are mainly identified, on the road, is by their general outline, their ‘look and feel’, and certain key graphics. Motorists associate the blue and white colouring, and original layout, with the Gazpromneft network exclusively. Recognising the filling station network, as a whole, as a well known trademark marks a first in Russia and, obviously, means we can better protect the stations’ brand identity that our clients are used to.”
Alexander Dybal
Alexander Dybal member of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft
“Of the 230 well known trademarks currently registered in Russia, this marks the first time a filling station network’s brand identify has been recognised. This follows many years’ work by company lawyers and other specialists in successfully defending Gazprom Neft’s interests before Rospatent and Russia’s Intellectual Property Court. An initially conservative position on the part of Rospatent has been overcome, and more progressive legal positions upheld. This new trademark status will be another effective tool for protecting the company’s intellectual property rights.”
Elena Ilyukhina
Elena Ilyukhina member of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft