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Two-millionth tonne of oil produced at Gazprom Neft’s Kuyumbinskoye field

The two-millionth tonne of oil since the start of commercial production has now been produced at the Kuyumbinskoye field (Krasnoyarsky Krai). The field is being developed by Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz, part of a joint venture between Rosneft and Gazprom Neft.

The first start-up complex — comprising a modular oil processing unit, a shift-workers’ residential complex, and a head oil pumping station (HOPS) connection unit — was commissioned at the field in December 2018 A 30,000-tonne-capacity tank farm and an oil-gathering pipeline have also been built at the field, and a central production facility (CPF) commissioned.

Energy for the field’s 78 production wells and infrastructure facilities are supplied from three energy centres.

Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz has added a further 13 rigs to its drilling facilities in order to increase production and exploratory drilling capacity. Drilling of horizontal side-tracks is ongoing at a number or wells.

The main objectives in the further development of the Kuyumbinskoye field are drilling and commissioning new wells, increasing production volumes, and implementing a programme for the capital construction of infrastructure facilities, including approximately 100 kilometres of roads, oil gathering networks and power lines.

Notes for editors

OOO Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz is a subsidiary of oil and gas company Slavneft — an equal-interest joint enterprise between Rosneft and Gazprom Neft.

The company is developing the Kuyumbinskoye oil and gas field, located in the Baikitsky District of the Krasnoyarsky Krai.

Active work on developing the field’s production infrastructure and preparing reserves for commercial development has been ongoing since 2015 Marketable oil is transported through the Kuyumba-Taishet trunk pipeline.