Valentina Matvienko: Tax Deductions of Gazprom Neft to the St.-Petersburg’s Budget will Make 15 billion Rubles a Year

Tax deductions of JSC Gazprom Neft to the St.-Petersburg’s budget can make up to15 billion rubles a year - Valentina Matvienko, the Governor, has declared at the session of the city government.

"We are satisfied that our negotiations with Gazprom finished with such a great success… There will be a first large taxpayer in the city finally. It will give not only essential increase in a tax and profitable part of the budget, but will also recover a business rhythm of a mega city as a whole", - has told Valentina Matvienko, giving comments on the decision on re-registration of the company in St.-Petersburg.

Let’s remember that in 2005 JSC Sibneft with its subsidiaries has transferred into the budget of the Omsk Region more than 15.3 billion rubles, and from the beginning of 2006 - 6 billion rubles.It is expected that tax deductions of Gazprom Neft to the budget of St.-Petersburg for the remained months of 2006 will make 7.72 billion rubles.