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Vladimir Putin Commented on Prospects of "Gazprom-City" Project

At press conference in the Kremlin on February 1, 2007 President Putin expressed his attitude to construction of administrative and business centre "Gazprom-City" in St.-Petersburg

The president of Russia has noted that "during the life of the previous generations St.-Petersburg became an outstanding center of world culture and architecture. Our generation has made little or nothing. Certainly, fresh air is necessary, the centers which would give a push to development of the city are necessary."

According to Vladimir Putin, construction will not put damage to historical shape of St.-Petersburg. "You know this is Okhta. I lived there for almost five years. I know what architectural values are there, they are the buildings constructed by captured German soldiers after the Second World War, so-called loose fill buildings. I remember when I tried to hammer a nail into a wall there for the first time, it moved down. Externally they are not bad, but, in general, do not represent any value".

Vladimir Putin emphasized that the decision on construction falls within the competence of city authorities. "I do not wish to influence decision-making. And it is obvious that such constructions will not do any harm to the city."