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Work starts on an unprecedented Gazprom Neft project on collaborating with universities and higher educational institutions

Gazprom Neft has launched a major new project — the “League of Universities”, directed at developing partnerships with Russian universities and higher educational institutions. Partnering universities on the project, all chosen through competitive selection, will be involved in joint research activities and in developing educational programmes much in demand from the oil and gas industry.

Members of the League of Universities will have access to information regarding Gazprom Neft’s requirements in terms of specialists, trainees and interns, as well as the company’s current and research activities available for them to be involved in. Gazprom Neft will be engaging partnering universities in discussing strategic projects, which will be presented through an integrated digital platform — this format making it possible to put together cross-functional teams involving both internal and external specialists.

Twenty-four universities and higher educational institutions, from 13 different regions of Russia, have already joined the League of Universities — selection criteria for which include: Russian and international university rankings; a multilevel specialist training system, and the quality of this; and education and training in both traditional and new specialisms relevant to implementing strategic and industry projects important to the company’s business. Based on the outcomes of an annual public assessment of their performance, the best universities and higher educational institutions will be given the opportunity to publish scientific and methodological textbooks and guides, “train the trainers”, undertake grant-aided work, and undertake secondments at Gazprom Neft — both for students and for teachers’ continued professional development.

“Gazprom Neft pays considerable attention to both internal corporate educational projects, and to developing strategic partnerships with Russian universities. The company’s Corporate University and business directorates are implementing a number of programmes directed at attracting young professionals to Gazprom Neft, and to helping them in their development. In order to make this work more comprehensive and effective, we are launching the ‘League of Universities’ project, which leading Russian higher educational institutions have already started to join. This initiative is consistent with one of our company’s key values — cooperation. Thanks to this new project, universities will get a deeper idea of Gazprom Neft’s expectations in terms of graduates’ skills, competencies and standards of education, while the company will be able to attract talented specialists. Annual appraisals of participating institutions will make the project as objective as possible.”
Kirill Kravchenko
Kirill Kravchenko Deputy CEO for Administration, Gazprom Neft
“The League of Universities is an unprecedented project in the educational arena, thanks to which we are moving towards a strategic partnership with universities, selecting the best of these on a competitive basis. This digital platform will ensure full openness and transparency in our collaboration with higher educational institutions, making it possible to develop cross-functional teams involving university representatives, enhancing the effectiveness of their work. I have every confidence that science and business joining forces will increase efficiency in innovation activities, and take the process of training highly qualified specialists —needed not just by our company, but the industry as a whole — to an entirely new level.”
Ilya Dementyev Rector, Gazprom Neft Corporate University