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Cutting-edge production, aligned logistics, customer focus, R&D resources and bitumen-binders specifically formulated in line with individual customer needs — Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials’ integrated, full-service offering is stimulating development throughout the entire industry.

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Objective benefit

Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials offers its contractors and partners a full range of ancillary services — multimodal logistics, optimum packaging solutions, IT services, and technical and scientific support in using bitumen materials.

Guaranteed quality Meticulous quality control at every point in producing and transporting bitumen materials
Packaged in Clovertainers® Gazprom Neft’s proprietary Clovertainer® packaging means convenient warehousing and storage, with performance quality retained over the long distances, regardless of the season
An extensive supply network Sold throughout eight of Russia’s Federal Okrugs, as well as Eastern Europe, South—East and Central Asia, South America and Africa
Direct delivery, through our own state-of-the-art bitumen-tanker fleet Guaranteed on-time deliveries — meaning no loss in quality or performance
Developing our own terminal network Expanding delivery coverage for high-tech bitumens and bitumen derivatives
The convenience of having your own personal account Direct online ordering, trackable at every stage of shipment and delivery


An extensive product range includes 189 branded bitumens — all of them fully compliant with Russian and international standards

Petroleum-based road bitumens

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Cutting-edge polymer-modified binders (PBBs and PMBs)

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Innovative bitumen-derivative products

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Construction bitumens

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Roofing bitumens

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Petroleum coke

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Polymer—bitumen binders (PBBs)

Bitumen-based materials with added polymers and other components, displaying enhanced quality in comparison with standard bitumens.

Key advantages of PMBs

High elasticity
Operational integrity under a wide range of temperatures
Resistance to ageing
No loss of quality or performance during storage
Resistance to plastic deformation

A scientific approach to developing tailored formulations

R&D, together with world-class experience, deployed throughout its own high-tech facilities, has made Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials an industry leader in technology.

In developing new binder and asphalt-cement formulations Gazprom Neft’s Bitumen Materials Science and Technology Centre models the road-usage conditions of various surfaces under applicable climatic conditions — with the ultimate products then being tested under Russian and international methodologies.

This increases the scope for using bitumens and asphalt, as well as extending their useful service life in every situation — from highways in Latin America to Nevsky Prospect, St Petersburg.

The Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials Science and Technology Centre
The Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials Science and Technology Centre
The Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials Science and Technology Centre
The Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials Science and Technology Centre

An extensive supply network

A wide-ranging delivery network

Deliveries cover all of Russia’s regions, as well as 56 countries worldwide

Own delivery fleet

Bitumen products are delivered in the company’s specialist bitumen tankers, and by rail

Packaged in Clovertainers®

Binders packaged in Clovertainers® retain quality and performance under long-distance transportation

Log in

Personal accounts for Gazprom Neft contractors — the first state-of-the-art process-automation IT solution in the Russian bitumens market.

A convenient online solution, allowing contractors to:

  • Complete orders
  • Monitor shipments, at every stage
  • Track deliveries

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