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A wide range of high-quality, world-class petroleum products and services

Extensive delivery coverage Covering all of Russia’s main sea and river ports, as well as the Romanian, Estonian and Latvian markets
Stability and reliability Guaranteed petroleum products deliveries, year-round
A modern fleet Ten state-of-the-art, unrestricted-navigation bunkering vessels
High-capacity transhipment facilities Modern terminal facilities in St Petersburg and Novorossiysk


Gazpromneft Marine Bunker sells a wide range of marine fuels produced at the company’s refining facilities in Moscow and Omsk and at NIS (Serbia)

Low-viscosity residual marine fuel oil (RMG)
  • RMG-380 — used as a component in producing low-sulphur fuels
  • RMG-180 and RMD-80 (E and M grades, 0.1% and 0.5% sulphur content, respectively), cst (RMD-80, less than 0.1% sulphur content)

All of these fuels are fully compliant with Customs Union (Eurasian Economic Union) regulation «On requirements for motor gasoline and aviation motor gasoline, diesel and marine fuels, jet engine fuel and black oil fuel». The company’s RMD-80 fuel was among the winners in the «Russia’s 100 Best Products» awards, 2018.

Distillate marine fuels
  • DMA types E and II (0.1% and 0.5% sulphur content, respectively)
  • Medium gas condensate distillate (sulphurous) type I
  • DTfg brand A type II

Low-viscosity marine fuels are optimum for use with onboard diesel power generators. Gazpromneft Marine Bunker’s DMA Type II fuel was among the winners in the «Russia’s 100 Best Products» awards, 2018.

Marine lubricants

The Gazpromneft Ocean marine lubricants line is designed for various kinds of marine engines and units.

Where we operate

Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker operates at 37 Russian and international ports

Bunkering in figures

(as at 2018)

2.9 million tonnes Total sales
200+ company client base
16% market share in Russian bunkering
29% market share in ultra-low-sulphur environmentally-friendly fuels

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