Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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“On Our Way!” loyalty Cards

Programme benefits

Points with every purchase

Bonuses are added to your card with every filling-station purchase

Pay with points

Redeem points when paying for fuel, goods or coffee at any filling station

Exclusive offers

Exclusive cardholder promotions

Log in

Login or download the app to check your points balance

Earn points

Earn points every time you present your card when buying fuel at a Gazprom Neft filling station. Points earned depend on what card you have — and that depends on how much fuel you’ve paid for in the preceding month.

Check your points

Easy to use!

Activate card

Get a virtual «On Our Way!» card through the app, or buy a plastic one at any Gazprom Neft filling station

Earn points

Earn points when refuelling or buying goods at a Gazprom Neft filling station

Earn points

Redeem points when paying for fuel or goods at any Gazprom Neft filling station: 1 point — ₽1

Using your account

Use your personal account to:

  • Check your points
  • Check your purchase history
  • Block a lost card
  • Track all points transactions
  • Transfer points to another “On Our Way!” member

Go to account

Find out more at

  • Using your card
  • Earning and spending your points
  • Checking your points
  • Offers and promotions

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