Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Employee Development and Support

Our values

Gazprom Neft employed 78,800 people as at 31 December 2019. Of these, 47% were ‘blue-collar’ or shop-floor staff, and 53% management, specialists, or other ‘white-collar’ employees.

The company’s extensive team is bound together through Gazprom Neft’s mission and values: producing resources for the future, and enriching the world with the energy, knowledge, and technology to advance.

78800 people are employed at Gazprom Neft

Market-competitive packages

To support its constant striving for further achievements, the company has in place an inclusive and cohesive motivation and reward system for employees, directed at attracting, retaining and developing talented professionals, as well as supporting employees’ career paths and continued professional development.

The company’s motivation and reward system is built around certain key principles, which include:

  • market-competitiveness, outside the company;
  • complete fairness inside it;
  • a direct connection between performance, and rewards;
  • objectivity, transparency, and making sure employees are kept fully up-to-date — through communications and channels that work for them;
  • an integrated and cohesive approach to personal performance and development;
  • employees, managers and the company taking equal responsibility for training and development; and
  • every employee having access to further training.

In order to make sure its salary and benefits packages remain competitive, the company keeps a constant watch on the labour markets in those locations in which it operates, with salary levels being regularly reviewed.

Gazprom Neft named Russia’s best employer
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The chance to grow

The company is committed to making sure employees have the right environment in which to pursue their personal and professional training and development — one which fosters initiative and self-motivation, and the ongoing achievement of new goals. All employees — as well as employees at contracting organisations — are covered under Gazprom Neft’s training and development system.

The company has an integrated Knowledge Management Centre — the Gazprom Neft Corporate University — in which all corporate policies and practices on training and development are centralised. Thanks to its innovative training model, Gazprom Neft has been able to create a single, inclusive educational environment in which every employee can be involved, both as a student and as a trainer.

72111 company employees completed training in 2019

Developing a talent pool

Gazprom Neft’s status as one of the country’s best employers is endorsed by the high rankings it consistently enjoys in Russian and international HR surveys. Ratings on Russia’s leading online recruitment portal,, put the company in first place among Russa’s Top 100 Best Employers as at end-2019, and the No. 1 preferred employer among jobseekers. 2019 also saw Gazprom Neft topping the Randstad employer ratings for the third year in a row, taking first place in the fuel and energy sector, with respondents citing “oil, gas and energy” as being the most attractive industry.

Gazprom Neft – No. 1 in this year’s Randstad employee ratings
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Employer branding agency Universum’s 2019 surveys of professionals and Russian students also saw Gazprom Neft ranked one of the best employers, with the company achieving its highest rankings in the natural sciences, taking second place in both categories. In addition to this, Gazprom Neft was ranked among the top five employers in four out of six areas of study, being ranked the third most attractive employer for business and commerce students, the fourth most attractive for students of the humanities, and the fourth most attractive for future doctors. The company also took sixth place in a survey of IT professionals, with only dedicated IT companies performing better, and being the only oil company in the top 10.

The company’s system for developing its talent pool — its “School — College/University — Business” initiative — involves working with school leavers in offering career guidance, as well as goal-oriented education in secondary and higher educational establishments, and a system for identifying high-potential students and helping with their career planning. Collaboration with educational institutions is managed through the company’s “Step into the Future” programme.