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Engaging with the indigenous peoples of the Russian Far North

Our principals

The company’s engagement with the indigenous peoples of the Russian Far North, Siberia and the Russian Far East is predicated on irrevocable principles and mechanisms — all of which are based on respect for the rights of ethnic minorities, full transparency of information, and constructive engagement and collaboration.

The most important of these are:

  • ensuring full compliance with all legislation and regulation protecting the rights and interests of indigenous peoples;
  • ensuring the effective and responsible use of natural resources, and preserving the traditional habitats, lifestyles, husbandry, crafts and trades of the peoples of the north; and
  • managing the company’s commercial activities in a way that respects local populations’ historic economic activities, their cultural traditions, and their social expectations.

Social and economic agreements

Gazprom Neft has entered into various social and economic agreements with regional and local government — all of which are directed at supporting local indigenous populations. These agreements form one of the key tools through which the company is implementing its social and economic projects, is developing local infrastructure, and is supporting initiatives in education, culture and sport.

Company subsidiaries make sure that indigenous peoples are fully compensated when entering into land-use agreements on oilfields located in areas traditionally used by local populations.

Local people are fully involved in public hearings during initial project planning where, together with Gazprom Neft teams, they discuss and agree construction-site locations, transportation routes, and the protection of traditional crossings for migrating reindeer herds.

Helping the communities of the Russian Far North

The company is helping the agricultural communities of the north in solving some of the social problems they face — by making funds available to support traditional agriculture and husbandry, by providing fuel, lubricants, construction materials and fishing equipment, by helping out with helicopter flights, and by delivering food to inaccessible areas.

Gazprom Neft, through its Social Investments Fund “Home Towns”, supports the celebration of national holidays including “Reindeer Herders’ Day” and “Fishermen’s Day”, as well as the “Breath of the Arctic” festival — all of which helps preserve the national identities of the peoples of the north, as well as drawing attention to preserving their traditional industries, crafts and trades.

Gazprom Neft is involved in environmental projects on cleaning-up local tundra, forests and coastlines, and in helping to replenish and protect local fish stocks.