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Target Zero: zero harm to people, the environment, or property in our operations

Gazprom Neft’s industrial safety strategy is directed at achieving Target Zero: zero harm to people, the environment, or property in our operations.

The core objectives in Gazprom Neft’s industrial safety policy are to ensure the optimum safety of all production processes, based on international best practices and effective risk management.

Gazprom Neft prioritises the safety of its employees, local communities, and the environment over any financial, technical or other considerations.

«Injury frequency rate (LTIF, 2019)*»: *Lost time injury frequency — calculated as follows: total number of lost-time injuries (including fatalities) in the workplace ÷ total hours worked × one million manhours. Injury rate calculations include Gazprom Neft’s assets in Russia, joint ventures whose operations are managed by Gazprom Neft, and Gazprom Neft’s assets abroad.
«A clear focus on industrial safety, together with full environmental responsibility in those locations in which we operate, are critical elements in Company strategy. All of the above are, today, essential to becoming one of the leading organisations in the global oil industry. Any operational success or achievements can be obliterated by workplace fatalities or accidents caused by human error. And, of course, we must have secure barriers in place to mitigate these risks.»
Дюков Александр
Alexander Dyukov Member of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft
Gazprom Neft HSE, fire, transport and emergency response policy
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Industrial safety in figures

0 Fatal accidents among company employees (2019)
0 Accidents due to human error, company-wide (2019)
21.3% reduction in equipment-related incidents (2019)