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Operational Safety Risk Management

A single and cohesive approach

A cohesive and integrated approach to risk management applies across the entire Gazprom Neft Group which, together with consistent tools and analysis methodologies form the Company’s Risk Management (RMS) and Internal Control (ICS) Systems. Occupational safety risk management is a vital part of that system. The Company’s RMS and ICS cover all key facilities. New assets too are immediately included within these systems.

Safety Framework

Gazprom Neft began transforming the Company’s occupational safety system in 2018, adopting a risk-based approach.

The Company has identified 31 potentially catastrophic scenarios — to be avoided as an absolute priority — for managing key occupational safety risks. Cause-and-effect models have been developed for these scenarios, indicating the connecting factors between the preconditions for potential incidents, their likely consequences, and the most effective barriers for minimising the likelihood of these arising, or mitigating the consequences thereof.

A company-wide Safety Framework has been put in place throughout all Gazprom Neft assets to implement these barriers. Quality and standards in the actual deployment of these throughout Company facilities are verified under independent inspections.

The outcomes of deploying these barriers are displayed on a standard, company-wide dashboard, allowing management at all levels to undertake objective assessments of the safety situation at specific facilities, and monitor the mitigation of key risks.

> 80 barriers established in developing the Safety Framework

Gazprom Neft is also working on identifying the best practices available for managing the specific occupational safety risks associated with production at individual assets. To which end, registers of the most significant occupational safety risks are being compiled at each asset, and plans for minimising these determined and deployed.