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Gazprom Neft and Sovcomflot are improving efficiency in freight transportation on the Northern Sea Route

Gazprom Neft CEO Alexander Dyukov and Sovcomflot CEO Igor Tonkovidov have signed an agreement on collaborating in improving efficiency in Russian-Arctic maritime logistics under a document signed at this year’s Eastern Economic Forum. The companies’ partnership envisages the deployment of digital technologies and low-carbon-footprint marine fuels. Gazprom Neft and Sovcomflot are to expand their ...

3 September 2021
Solar-powered underground gas-storage monitoring system launched at Gazprom Neft’s Zapadno-Messoyakhskoye field

... storage at its Zapadno-Messoyakhskoye field. The system provides detailed information on the operation of the storage facility, located in an undeveloped stratum containing an oil-rim, round the clock. The complex operates using energy sourced from the Arctic sun. The complex’s extensive and multi-branched sensor network consists of 1,600 highly sensitive recorders, covering an area of 16 square kilometres. The new system enables specialists to monitor the gas distribution process within the natural ...

29 July 2021
Gazprom Neft research expedition delivers valuable data on the narwhal population in the Arctic

The second research expedition under Gazprom Neft’s “Narwhal Project” is now complete — the research team having now returned to the port of Archangelsk following three weeks researching the “sea unicorns” of the Russian Arctic. Groups of mammals and their young, as well as mixed groups of narwhals and beluga whales, were found around the Franz Josef Land archipelago. Initial analysis suggests that narwhals are seasonal inhabitants of this body of water, and that reproduction ...

1 July 2021
Gazprom Neft joins the Arctic Economic Council

Gazprom Neft has become an official partner of the Arctic Economic Council — independent international organisation established to address the global challenges of intergovernmental cooperation, sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic. The Council comprises national and international ...

24 June 2021
Gazprom Neft sets off in pursuit of the “sea unicorn”

10 June 2021 saw Gazprom Neft send off its second research expedition — on studying that rare marine mammal of the Russian Arctic, the Narwal or “sea unicorn” — from Archangelsk. Bound for the Franz Josef Land archipelago, the Narwahl-project expedition will be managed from the Mikhail Simonov, a vessel equipped with a helicopter and drones. Thanks to new technologies,...

10 June 2021
Gazprom Neft exports its 50-millionth tonne of Arctic oil

Total export volumes of ARCO and Novy Port crude produced by Gazprom Neft in the Russian Arctic have reached 50 million tonnes since 2013, with the most recent consignment, shipped at the end of April from the Umba terminal-tanker in the Kola Bay, having now been delivered to customers in north-west Europe. Total cumulative Arctic oil exports ...

18 May 2021
Gazprom Neft’s “Kapitan” digital system delivers a 12% reduction in Arctic oil maritime logistics costs

Gazprom Neft’s deployment of its “Kapitan” Arctic digital logistics control system delivered a RUB900,000 economic benefit in 2019–2020 — unit costs per tonne of Arctic oil exported showing a 12% reduction against pre-deployment costs. This benefit was achieved by optimising tanker-operation ...

29 March 2021
Gazprom Neft’s unique Arctic logistics management system is now consolidating data from the Umba floating trans-shipment complex

The world’s first Arctic logistics system — Gazprom Neft’s “Kapitan” — has begun receiving data from the Umba floating trans-shipment complex (responsible for trans-shipping the company’s Arctic oil to the port of Murmansk) automatically. This new module delivers ...

11 December 2020
Unmanned cargo helicopter tested at one of Gazprom Neft’s Arctic fields

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or “drone”) designed to deliver heavy and oversized cargo under Arctic conditions has, for the first time in Russia, been tested at the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye oil and gas condensate field (Gydan Peninsula, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug), with an unmanned Tiber KAGU-150 successfully completing several flights and ...

21 September 2020
Full-scale development of the northern section of Gazprom Neft’s Novoportovskoye field has now begun

Gazprom Neft has begun developing the northern section of its Novoportovskoye field — one of the company’s key oil production centres in the Arctic. Implementing this project should see the company’s Arctic asset reach peak production, at eight million tonnes of oil per year, by 2021. Recoverable reserves in the northern section stand at more than 27.8 million tonnes of oil, and 28.5 cubic ...

21 August 2020
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