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Gazprom Neft increases trademark registrations in Russia and abroad

A study by international law firm Baker & McKenzie has revealed Gazprom Neft to be one of the leading oil companies in Russia and Europe in terms of the number of trademarks registered and trademark applications submitted. Gazprom Neft’s portfolio currently includes more than 2,500 trademarks and trademark registration applications submitted within the Russian Federation and worldwide — among the highest figures not just for industrial companies, but also for a range of companies in retailing and...

30 June 2020
Gazprom Neft expands its high-tech bitumen-products line

Gazprom Neft has completed its acquisition of the Izhora trademark (covering a range of bitumen-polymer mastics and sealants produced for transport and industrial-civil engineering construction and maintenance),* with an agreement on the transfer of trademark usage rights having been agreed between Gazprom Neft and Izhora trademark owners Rastro, a building-materials producer. Production of Izhora-branded high-tech products will be localised at the Gazprom Neft bitumens plant in Vyazma: on which...

15 May 2020
Gazprom Neft launces international G-Energy Service programme to support development of new independent garage network

Gazpromneft Lubricants , operator of Gazprom Neft’s lubricants division, has begun implementation of its new international programme, G-Energy Service, targeted at the development of independent garages. A total 15 garages will begin operating under the G-Energy Service brand in 2014, with a full network — operating under universal quality standards — planned for 2015. Under this programme Gazpromneft Lubricants supplies garages with its G-Energy own-brand products, and supports them in sourcing...

23 June 2014
GAZPROM petrol stations network opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina

NIS (Naftna Indusrija Srbije), a Serbian subsidiary of Russia’s Gazprom Neft, has opened 27 petrol stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the GAZPROM brand. Apart from Bosnia and Herzegovina, this large-scale network of premium GAZPROM petrol stations extends into Serbia , Bulgaria , and Romania . By the end of 2015, more than 250 petrol stations will have been built in the Balkan, including 40 in Bosnia and Herzegovina where the GAZPROM network is expected to take a 15-percent share of the...

24 July 2013
The first GAZPROM filling station opened in Bulgaria

Gazprom Neft’s subsidiary – Serbian NIS j.s.c Novi Sad has opened its first GAZPROM branded filling station in Bulgaria. The filling station is located on international road E79 Sofia – Kulata, 4 km after the exit of Blagoevgrad towards Kulata. The Bulgarian market has been identified as a priority market to develop the retail network under GAZPROM brand in the region. NIS is currently completing the construction of 9 more filling stations, with an additional 10 stations also planned...

1 July 2013
G-Drive and G-Energy declared brands of the year

The G-Drive premium fuel and G-Energy premium-class motor oil brand names have been awarded the 2012 Effie Brand of the Year award, which is given to the most successful projects for creating and promoting brand names in various product categories. Gazprom Neft first introduced the G-Drive brand in 2010. The improved ...

29 May 2013
Gazprom Neft launches first campaign advertising its corporate brand

Gazprom Neft is launching its first advertising campaign for its corporate image under the slogan "Think big" Advertising the corporate brand seeks to demonstrate the effective growth of Gazprom Neft to the business community. In particular, it highlights the record operating profits and net profits and growth of oil production and refining that the company achieved in 2012. The advertising materials reflect Gazprom Neft's actual achievements in the area of production, the results of its...

25 April 2013
Gazprom Neft expands its line of premium motor fuels

Gazprom Neft has launched a new premium-class 98 octane fuel under the G-Drive   brand. Sale of the new fuel has already begun at Gazpromneft gas stations in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Oblast. G-Drive 98 high-technology enhanced-quality fuel contains components developed by leading international experts in the field of improving the efficiency of engine operation. An active set of additives boosts the engine's power, improves the car's response and acceleration, cleans the fuel system from most...

8 April 2013
Retail sales of Gazpromneft brand motor oils begin

... and can stand up to both high and low temperatures. The products meet the international standards and requirements, and are approved by leading auto manufacturers. Over 60 product names created for the mass market are being sold under the Gazpromneft brand name. New products are being produced at the Omsk Lubricants Plant. A full cycle production facility has been installed at the enterprise which includes the manufacture of base oils and commercial oils, packaging, and shipment of the products. The ...

4 March 2013
Gazprom Neft launches its own brand of fuel - G-Drive

Gazprom Neft has launched a new motor fuel under the brand of G-Drive , which it will sell through its own network of petrol stations. The sales of the premium-class fuel has already commenced at petrol stations in St Petersburg. By the end of 2011, Gazprom Neft plans to make the new engine fuel G-Drive available at petrol stations in all key regions where the company operates. The new G-Drive fuel, with an octane rating of 95, has enhanced performance characteristics compared to regular AI-95 petrol...

7 April 2011