Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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High CDP ratings confirmed for Gazprom Neft

Gazprom Neft has maintained its leading position in the international Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) ratings — the most authoritative research on performance in climate responsibility — receiving a category B rating (based on independent assessment, on a scale of A to D), the same rating as last year and matching the standards of leading international oil and gas companies. Gazprom Neft’s high rating was confirmed on the basis of the company’s transparency in disclosing information on its emissions...

17 December 2021
In partnership with other industry leaders, Gazprom Neft establishes a technological alliance for developing “green” aviation fuel

Gazprom Neft, together with Airbus, Aeroflot, S7 Group, Volga-Dnepr Group, the N.E. Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) and the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation (FGUP GosNII GA) has established Russia’s first association for developers and manufacturers of low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The Eurasian SAF-Alliance will facilitate the use of environmentally friendly aviation fuel, fully compliant with international standards, at Russian airports. Members of the...

13 December 2021
Gazprom Neft commissions its “Yamal Gas” arctic subsea gas pipeline running through the Gulf of Ob to the Kara Sea

Gazprom Neft has commissioned its Arctic subsea gas pipeline, connecting production facilities on the Yamal Peninsula to the Yamburg—Tula gas trunk pipeline. This pipeline, unique in terms of the technologies involved and the complexity of its construction, will transport gas from the Novoportovskoye field into Russia’s Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS). This company’s investments in this project stand at more than ₽150 billion. Commissioning the pipeline opens up opportunities for developing a major...

8 December 2021
Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery improves environmental friendliness in producing high-performance fuel

Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery has completed work on upgrading its catalytic reforming unit, with pre-commissioning tests now underway. Modernising the facility will allow the Omsk Refinery to increase production of high-octane gasoline, as well as further reducing environmental impacts during production. Gazprom Neft’s investment in this project stands at ₽9.8 billion. Works have been undertaken as part of the federal government’s integrated “Clean Air” project, and form an important part of the Omsk...

3 December 2021
Gazprom Neft delivers a 6.5% increase in gasoline production for 9M 2021

Production of gasoline and diesel fuels at Gazprom Neft’s own refineries — in Moscow and Omsk — is up 6.5% (at 5.53 million tonnes) and 1% (at 6.95 million tonnes) respectively in 9M 2021. Total refining volumes increased by 7.6% year-on-year, reaching 24.2 million tonnes — a 3.2% increase on the level achieved for 9M 2019. Thanks to a number of initiatives to combat the spread of COVID-19 Gazprom Neft’s Moscow and Omsk Refineries have been able to maintain continuous production to ensure market...

17 November 2021
Gazprom Neft undertakes major environmental investigations in the waters of the Barents Sea

... condition is an important indicator of the surrounding ecosystem’s sustainability. Our observations in 2021 — as in previous years of ongoing monitoring — show consistent trends in all key indicators.” Margarita Kiryushina Chief Specialist, Ecology Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University Marine Research Centre “Our nature reserve has been collaborating with scientific institutions in Russia for many years, offering them the opportunity to observe the nature of the Arctic in a protected ...

22 October 2021
Diesel production up at Gazprom Neft’s Moscow Refinery

Gazprom Neft’s Moscow Refinery has finished the modernisation of its heavy-oil-fractions refining unit — the works carried out facilitating higher production of light petroleum products, resulting in a 0.75% increase in annual diesel production, including advanced winter grades. This project has been undertaken as part of the full-scale modernisation programme at the Moscow Refinery being undertaken by Gazprom Neft since 2011. The facility’s productivity is up 50% thanks to these works, with specialists...

22 October 2021
Gazprom Neft and Rusatom Overseas commit to cooperating in hydrogen energy and in decarbonising industry

Gazprom Neft and Rusatom Overseas (RAOS PJSC, part of the Rostatom state organisation) have signed an agreement on cooperating in hydrogen energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions under a document signed by Vadim Yakovlev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft, and Evgeny Pakermanov, President, RAOS PJSC, during the 10th Anniversary St Petersburg International Gas Forum. The two companies have agreed to work together on investigating opportunities in transporting and storing...

12 October 2021
Gazprom Neft and Aeroflot join forces to develop “green” aviation fuel

... Technology Centre in St Petersburg. And partnering with Russia’s leading airline can only make the process of developing a low-hydrocarbon-footprint aviation fuel even more efficient.” Alexander Dyukov Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft “Ecology is fast becoming one of the most important issues in aviation — and the pandemic has only served to make this still more relevant. Environmental friendliness has always been front of mind for the Aeroflot Group. Upgrading the fleet and using ...

23 September 2021
Atmosphere — Ecology

... high-tech facilities — including closed-circuit waste treatment facilities — being built on the reclaimed land, resulting in the level of harmful emissions being reduced by 97 percent. The outcomes of the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery’s “Year of Ecology” — Russia 24 New closed-circuit waste treatment facilities are being built on reclaimed land at the Moscow Refinery New closed-circuit waste treatment facilities are being built on reclaimed land at the Moscow Refinery Modernising oil-product ...

15 September 2021
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