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Gazprom Neft to produce high-tech graphite electrodes for Russia’s metallurgy industry

... products’ domestic market share. Thanks to the major modernisation programme being implemented throughout the Omsk Refinery, we are developing a new business area and facilitating the manufacturing of high-margin products, further improving value-chain efficiency and further diversifying the company’s business.” Anatoly Cherner Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales, Gazprom Neft

27 April 2021
New technologies are helping Gazprom Neft increase production of high-tech bitumens

... The new complex will produce approximately 120,000 tonnes of polymer-bitumen binders (PBBs) every year. Production facilities will involve technology from New Zealand company Technix, and will include a sealed heat-recovery system, optimising energy-efficiency and environmental safety. High-viscosity tar, produced at the Moscow Refinery’s Euro+ refining complex, will be used as feedstock for producing bitumen binders — on which basis, production will be fully integrated into the refinery—bitumen ...

20 April 2021
New technological solutions are delivering further efficiency gains in aviation refuelling for Gazprom Neft

... technological development of Gazprom Neft’s aviation business. Together with our partners we were the first in Russia to develop and test a modular aviation refuelling vehicle — unique to the domestic aviation industry — which has demonstrated its high efficiency, right on the airport apron. This first vehicle will remain in operation in Omsk, where we are developing advanced ‘wing-tip’ aviation refuelling infrastructure. The next stage in implementing this project will be producing similar vehicles ...

16 April 2021
Gazprom Neft increases supplies from its Chayandinskoye field into the East Siberia–Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline

... of oil per year through the ESPO. An oil pipeline is now connecting the Chayandinskoye field’s oil treatment plant with the Gazprom pipeline network,* through which oil is fed into the ESPO. Commissioning this 70 km pipeline has improved speed and efficiency in transporting hydrocarbons, which where previously transported by road.** This project has been undertaken in full compliance with all environmental and industrial safety standards.*** Given the difficult local terrain and extreme natural ...

6 April 2021
Russian equipment for producing high-tech motor oils delivered to Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery

The Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery has taken delivery of major equipment for construction of a hydro-isodewaxing complex. This future complex will produce core components for synthetic motor and industrial lubricants, allowing the company to abandon the use of imported alternatives in production completely. Gazprom Neft’s investments in this project stand at more than RUB32 billion. Column- and chemical-reactor apparatus has been produced by leading Russian enterprises Uralkhimmash and Volgogradneftemash...

25 March 2021
Gazprom Neft needle-coke production technology included in Russia’s top-10 inventions of 2020

... with leading Russian scientific institutions or developed through the company’s own Science and Technology Centres. The inclusion of one of Gazprom Neft’s developments among 2020’s top-10 most important inventions confirms, beyond any doubt, the efficiency of the company’s activities in developing innovative Russian industrial technologies.” Anatoly Cherner Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales, Gazprom Neft

5 March 2021
Coffee sales revenues up 30% across the Gazpromneft filling station network

Hot-drinks revenues across the Gazpromneft filling station network reached RUB4.5 billion in 2020 — up 30% year-on-year, with coffee sales up by an extra 34 million cups. Total non-fuel sales across the Russian network were up 12%, reaching RUB23.4 billion. Gazprom Neft, together with its partners, began offering motorists a new online ordering and delivery service in 2020, with food and hardware products now available for collection through the company’s filling stations. These partnering solutions...

2 March 2021
Gazprom Neft Aircraft Blockchain Platform enables Instant Refuelling Payment

... refuelling and information exchange process is fully automated. “The development and implementation of digital solutions along the entire value chain is one of our strategic priorities. The application of cutting-edge technologies allows us to increase the efficiency of production and transportation, enhance customer services and guarantee the delivery time of oil products to our customers. The successful integration of blockchain technology into aviation refuelling processes is a key example of our approach....

1 March 2021
Gazprom Neft delivers a 3.5-fold increase in sales of environmentally friendly marine fuels in 2020

Gazpromneft Marine Bunker, operator of the Gazprom Neft bunkering business, delivered a 3.5-fold increase in ship-to-ship sales of MARPOL-compliant marine fuels in 2020,* reaching 1.1 million tonnes and giving the business a 20% market share in low-sulphur and ultra-low-sulphur bunkering fuels in the Russian Federation. One third of all sales of environmentally friendly fuel occurred at ports in the Baltic Sea, Barents Sea and White Sea — Gazprom Neft having enhanced its fleet in Murmansk and Archangelsk...

18 February 2021
Gazprom Neft’s net profit reaches ₽117.7 billion in 2020

... Gydan Peninsula. Refining volumes at Gazprom Neft’s own and joint-venture refining assets reached 40.4 million tonnes in 2020. The Company continued the implementation of its refinery modernisationprogramme, directed at improving refining depth and efficiency, and at further reducing environmental impacts. Gazprom Neft’s refinery modernisation projects ensured a 5.1% increase in production of high-octane gasoline, and a 5.7% increase in diesel fuels. A unique “EURO+” oil refining complex was ...

18 February 2021
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