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Gazprom Neft to develop “green” projects as part of the Russia Renewable Energy Development Association

Gazprom Neft has joined the Russia Renewable Energy Association (RREDA). The RREDA brings together generation companies, renewable energy project developers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, R&D centres and financial institutions in developing the use of renewable energy sources (RES) and ...

27 April 2021
Gazprom Neft increases energy efficiency at its directly owned refineries

Gazprom Neft succeeded in cutting energy, heating and fuel costs across its directly owned refineries (in Moscow and Omsk) throughout 2020, with energy-saving initiatives delivering savings of RUB400 million. Consistent improvement in managing energy consumption in production is a key ...

10 March 2021
Gazprom Neft’s refineries are moving over to a digital energy-management model

A digital electricity metering and electrical-equipment control-room management system has been deployed at Gazprom Neft’s Moscow Refinery. This cutting-edge automated hardware and software complex monitors the status and operation of key energy facilities at the plant, with all information being broadcast onto the wall of the new control room, in real time. This project has been implemented as part of a digital oversight strategy for monitoring and managing electrical equipment throughout ...

26 February 2021
Gazprom Neft to collaborate with St Petersburg’s State Institute of Technology on implementing the country’s national project to establish a cutting-edge catalyst-production facility in Omsk

Gazpromneft-Catalytic Systems and St Petersburg’s State Institute of Technology have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on developing oil-refining catalyst technologies. This Memorandum was signed remotely by Alexander Chembulaev, Director General, Gazpromneft-Catalytic Systems and Andrey Shevchuk, Acting Rector, St Petersburg State Institute of Technology, during the annual industry PRO Catalysis Forum 2020. Under this Memorandum the parties have agreed to work together in creating new catalyst...

22 December 2020
Gazprom Neft delivers further energy-efficiency gains in oil refining

Gazprom Neft’s Q1 2020 results show improved energy efficiency (in terms of fuel, energy and power consumption) at the company’s directly-owned Russian refineries in Moscow and Omsk, achieving total savings of more than RUB100 million from various energy-efficiency initiatives. Increasing energy ...

19 June 2020
Gazprom Neft cuts energy costs throughout its refineries

Gazprom Neft’s directly-owned refineries — the Moscow and Omsk Refineries — have shown significant reductions in electricity, heat and fuel consumption as at end-2019 — the economic upsides of various energy-efficiency initiatives resulting in savings of half a billion rubles. Reducing energy consumption is a major area of focus in Gazprom Neft’s refinery development programme. The Gazprom Neft Moscow and Omsk refineries implemented a total 50 energy-saving ...

2 March 2020
Gazprom Neft begins generating solar power at its Omsk Refinery

... completed construction of the region’s first 1 MW solar-power plant. Situated on a 2.5-hectare plot, the new power station comprises 2,500 solar panels, produced by Russia’s Khevel solar-power company. This investment project on introducing green energy technologies, unique to Russian industry, forms part of the major development programme under implementation by Gazprom Neft at its Omsk Refinery since 2008. This pilot facility supplies electricity for all of the Omsk Refinery’s administrative ...

21 October 2019
Gazprom Neft to build solar-power electricity plants at its refineries

Gazprom Neft is to embark on a project to build solar-power electricity plants at its refining facilities, with the company’s Omsk Refinery, where the first 1 MW solar power station is to be built, acting as a pilot site for implementing energy-saving renewable-energy technologies. The agreement confirming this project was signed at this year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum by Anatoly Cherner , Deputy CEO for Logistics, Refining and Sales, Gazprom Neft, and Igor Shakhray,...

7 June 2019
Gazprom Neft is improving the energy efficiency of its oil refining processes

Gazprom Neft’s Moscow and Omsk Refineries have seen significant reductions in power, fuel and energy consumption throughout 2018, with the economic impacts of energy-saving initiatives reaching RUB447.4 million — 49.7 percent ahead of target. An energy-efficiency programme being implemented throughout the company’s refineries means further ...

18 March 2019
Gazprom Neft introduces digital energy standards in its refining operations

A pilot “Digital Substation” IT suite has gone into operation at Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery, with this new facility set to become a vital element in moving its energy control system to an entirely digital format, delivering significant improvements in efficiency, safety and reliability. With its cutting-edge infrastructure (involving “smart” devices and intelligent control systems), the Omsk Refinery’s ...

15 February 2019
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