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Gazprom Neft’s total hydrocarbon reserves stand at 2.78 billion tonnes as at end-2017, with a reserve-replacement ratio of 170 percent

Gazprom Neft has completed auditing of the company’s hydrocarbon reserves as at 2017. As at 31 December 2017 the company’s total proved and probable hydrocarbon reserves (proved + probable — 2P based on SPE-PRMS international standards) totalled 2.78 billion tonnes of oil equivalent. Gazprom Neft has completed auditing of the company’s hydrocarbon reserves as at 2017. As at 31 December 2017 the company’s total proved and probable hydrocarbon reserves (proved + probable — 2P based on SPE-PRMS international...

20 February 2018
Gazprom Neft discovers new field in the Orenburg Oblast

... specialists’ predictions of the Uransky block containing several small fields. The Novosamarskoye field was discovered here in 2016, with reserves-in-place estimated at more than eight million tonnes. Gazpromneft-Orenburg plans to drill a further three exploration and appraisal wells at the Uransky licence block in 2018.

7 February 2018
New Gazprom Neft oilfield named in honour of former head of the company’s Oil and Gas Production Directorate, A. Zhagrin

... Autonomous Okrug-Yugra since 2015, with seismic works planned and undertaken, a geological model of the reservoir created, and a prospecting and appraisal well drilled — completely autonomously, and in the shortest possible time. In testing the main exploration target the first prospecting and appraisal well delivered an inflow of dry crude with design flow rate of 50 cubic meters per day. Gazprom Neft will continue geological prospecting works at the A. Zhagrin field, to include seismic investigations ...

29 January 2018
Gazprom Neft geologists are now estimating the company’s production potential beyond 2030

Interview with Head of Geological Exploration and Resource Base Development Directorate, Alexei Vashkevich Interfax Alexei Vashkevich, Head of Geological Exploration and Resource Base Development Directorate, talks to us about the outlook for geological prospecting at Gazprom Neft....

29 January 2018
Gazprom Neft finishes offshore 3D seismic operations at the Pechora Sea

Gazprom Neft subsidiary Gazpromneft-Sakhalin has completed offshore 3D seismic works at the Pechora Sea — at the Dolginskoye oil field and the Severo-Zapadny licence block . The completion of more than 5,000 square kilometres of investigations significantly exceeds the company’s obligations under the licences for these assets. These seismic works have involved technologies and equipment designed or modified for use in the Arctic, and were undertaken by modern research vessels of the highest ice...

27 December 2017
Gazprom Neft streamlines seismic data analysis technology

Gazprom Neft is testing cutting-edge seismic data analysis technology for better-quality seismic imaging.* Methodological approaches under development are making it possible to obtain previously unachievable volumes of geological information, and to identify areas of irregularity (fissures) with maximum accuracy, allowing effective planning of field-development systems. Company-wide, using this new technique will improve efficiency in planning drilling operations by optimising the spacing of exploratory...

18 December 2017
Gazprom Neft partnership is developing Russia’s first integrated IT platform for the processing and interpretation of seismic data

... analysed. The development of new software products is being undertaken as part of Gazprom Neft’s “Electronic Asset Development” (ERA) IT project-development strategy, covering all of the company’s key activities: geological prospecting, drilling, exploration and production, and field development. Work on the ERA strategy, a key area of focus under the company’s Technology Strategy , is being undertaken with the support of specialists from the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre. Mars ...

11 October 2017
Gazprom Neft Sees Good Prospects in Kurdistan

... our production sites. — How is the work on the development of the Shakal and Halabja Blocks going? — Based on the results of last year’s seismic of the Halabja Block, we decided to relinquish this block. — Why was this decision made? — The exploration works we conducted on the block showed that there are prospects to discover a gas field. Halabja is is located in the highlands at altitudes of up to 2,000 meters, where there is absolutely no infrastructure, but where there are minefields ...

28 September 2017
Gazprom Neft begins pilot development of Achimov deposits at its Severo-Samburgskoye field in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

... field’s Achimov deposits are estimated to be in the order of 426 million tonnes of oil, with recoverable reserves during the first stage of development, moreover, estimated at 72 million. The decision to designate the Achimov deposits an independent exploration prospect, and to commence implementation of the “ Bolshaya Achimovka ” project was taken by Gazrom Neft in 2016. Since that time, work has been undertaken on developing a local geological model of the Achimov deposits as part of a dedicated ...

25 September 2017
Gazprom Neft begins full-scale hydrocarbon prospecting of pre-Jurassic deposits

... within the Tomsk Oblast, investigation of which will involve six wells being drilled throughout 2017–2019. Specialists from the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre will determine a selection of technologies optimally suited to the geological exploration of the strata of the pre-Jurassic complex. A range of investigations through the first well have already begun. Kirill Strizhnev , Executive Director of Gazprom Neft’s Bazhenov Project, commented: “Paleozoic deposits have never been considered ...

18 September 2017