Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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High-tech Russian-made Gazprom Neft bitumen used in construction of a transcontinental highway in Latin America

Gazprom Neft has completed delivery of polymer—bitumen binders (PBBs) for construction of the Bi-Oceanic Corridor,* the most important infrastructure facility in Latin America. The highway will unite the eastern and western coasts of the South American continent into a single transport network. Innovative bitumens produced by the Gazprom Neft Ryazan Bitumen Materials Plant are being used in asphalt road coverings throughout the 277-kilometre border section of the highway, in Brazil and Paraguay....

28 January 2020
Gazprom Neft increases Arctic oil supplies to Europe

Total cumulative exports of ARCO and Novy Port oil, produced by Gazprom Neft at its Prirazlomonoye and Novoportovskoye fields, have now reached 30 million tonnes. The landmark consignment, shipped in mid-June from the road-to-sea transhipment complex at the Port of Murmansk,...

10 July 2019
International exports of Gazprom Neft ESPO crude reach 10 million tonnes

Following the supply of a further 100,000 tonnes of East Siberian Pacific Ocean (ESPO) crude to the Chinese market in July, total volumes of ESPO crude exports by Gazprom Neft since the commencement of supplies have now reached 10 million tonnes. Payment for all ESPO crude supplies despatched by Gazprom Neft to China throughout 2015 have been made in Chinese currency: ...

31 July 2015
Almost three million barrels of arctic oil delivered to north-west Europe

... since production began. The Kirill Lavrov and Mikhail Ulyanov Arc6 class double-hulled icebreaking oil tankers are certified to safely export crude oil from the Prirazlomnoye field. Both vessels, specifically designed for year-round oil transportation in arctic conditions from the Prirazlomnayaplatform, were built in the Admiralty Shipyard in St Petersburg. [http://media.gazprom-neft....

17 April 2015


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