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Gazprom Neft refuelling vehicles on this year’s Silk Way Rally

... our priority: we place high demands on our products, and test them under the most extreme conditions. From that point of view, the Silk Way route is an ideal testing ground for our new Diesel Opti fuel. It has gone on sale for the first time at our filling stations in Siberia, and has, already, successfully passed tests under severe sub-zero temperatures. Which means it’s now time to test it under the heat and off-road conditions of Eurasia.”

11 July 2017
Gazprom Neft signs memorandum of cooperation with Russian Highways Agency Rosavtodor

... covering the whole of Russia. Gazprom Neft CEO and Chairman of the Management Board Alexander Dyukov commented: “In developing its own retail network , the company has accumulated considerable experience and skills in managing additional services at filling stations. In collaboration with Rosavtodor, we hope to significantly improve comfort levels on Russian roads. Building multifunctional filling stations and service facilities on federal highways is seen as a promising area for the future development ...

1 June 2017
Diesel fuels produced at the Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery included in Russia’s 100 Best Products

Three Gazprom Neft-branded diesel fuels produced at the company’s Omsk Refinery have been awarded Gold at this year’s Russia’s 100 Best Products competition, nominated in the “Non-consumer, technical and industrial goods” category. All diesel fuels produced at the Omsk Refinery are fully compliant with Euro-5 environmental standards, and are distinguished by their high-performance features, guaranteeing engine reliability under the most extreme climatic conditions. The enhanced environmental properties...

21 December 2016
Gazprom Neft to support Silk Way off-road rally-raid race

... Gazprom Neft station on Kutuzovsky Prospect the day before. The official start also saw demonstrations in fuel-quality testing undertaken by the Gazprom Neft filling station network mobile laboratory (used in fuel-quality testing at the company’s filling stations throughout Russia and Kazakhstan) at the new service facility at the Luzhniki sports complex. Gazprom Neft supports a range of major initiatives promoting the development of motor sports, with the G-Drive Racing Team, supported by new-generation ...

8 July 2016
Gazprom Neft filling stations recognised at 2016 “Consumer Rights and Service Quality Awards”

The Gazprom Neft filling station network has been recognised for the third time at the annual 2016 “Consumer Rights and Service Quality Awards”, receiving awards for two nominations — for “Retail Services” (in the “Filling Stations” category) and for “Consumer Choice”. The “Consumer Rights and Service Quality Awards” are an annual consumer awards ceremony recognising the most successful initiatives in consumer rights, goods and services, initiated by ...

22 June 2016
Gazprom Neft Board of Directors reviews the company’s sales of crude oil and petroleum products

... developing international benchmarks for Urals crude. The Board of Directors also considered the current viability and potential development of direct and retail sales of petroleum products. The Gazprom Neft retail network currently comprises 1,432 filling stations throughout Russia and the countries of the CIS. Sales volumes through the company’s directly‑owned retail network totalled 9.3 million tonnes in 2015, an increase of two percent on 2014. Participation in the company’s On Our Way ...

29 February 2016
Gazprom Neft filling station network launches “Saparybyz Bir” (“On Our Way!”) loyalty programme in Kyrgyz Republic

... fuel, at a discount, with regular Gazprom Neft filling station clients being offered the opportunity to take part in special promotions and prize draws. The “Saparybyz Bir (On Our Way!)” loyalty programme will be up and running at all Gazprom Neft filling stations throughout the Kyrgyz Republic by the end of 2016." The Saparybyz Bir loyalty programme is currently available at 32 of the 100 Gazprom Neft filling stations throughout the Kyrgyz Republic.

1 February 2016
Gazprom Neft filling stations’ “Zholymyz bir” (“On Our Way!”) loyalty programme launches in Kazakhstan

Early 2016 will see the Gazprom Neft filling station network launch its “Zholymyz bir” or “On Our Way!” loyalty programme throughout Kazakhstan. Any client will be able to obtain their own loyalty card, earn points on every purchase at any Gazprom Neft filling station, save them up and use them to pay for fuel and goods at any filling station throughout the network. Participants will be awarded “silver”, “gold” or “platinum” status, depending on their spend in any one month, enabling them to save...

22 December 2015
Gazprom Neft develops new oils designed for Russian climatic conditions

Gazpromneft Lubricants , operator of the Gazprom Neft lubricants business, has introduced a range of new products into its Gazprom Neft-branded range, intended for modern domestic and internationally produced vehicles, allowing motorists to reduce costs through better fuel economy. The specific challenges of use throughout the very diverse regions of Russia have been taken into account as far as possible in developing this new line, with formulations improved through the addition of cutting-edge...

5 November 2015
Gazprom Neft filling stations unveil new brand of diesel

A new improved brand of diesel, under a new “DieselOpti” trademark, is now on sale at Gazprom Neft filling stations throughout the Krasnoyarsky Krai. The new fuel, which is fully compliant with Euro-5 environmental standards, is appropriate for both domestic and internationally produced cars and heavy goods vehicles. The new fuel, produced using cutting-edge ...

15 July 2015