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Oil and Gas Production

Oil and gas production Gazprom Neft is one of Russia’s leading hydrocarbon producers, and one of the top-10 largest oil-production companies in the world. A top-three market leader Gazprom Neft has now confirmed its status as one of Russia’s top-three ...

19 May 2020
International Projects – Exploration

... Badra field are estimated at 21.27 mtoe. The contract to develop the Badra field was signed with the Government of Iraq in January 2010. The field is being developed by a consortium comprising Gazprom Neft (operator, with a 30-percent interest), Kogas (Korea, 22.5 percent), Petronas (Malaysia, 15 percent), and TPAO (Turkey, 7.5 percent). The Iraqi Government’s interest (represented in the project by the Oil Exploration Company (OEC)) is 25 percent. The project to develop the Badra field is expected ...

2 May 2020
Production Overview

... internationally, the company is involved in geological prospecting and production in Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Venezuela. A balanced asset portfolio Gazprom Neft’s asset portfolio includes traditional and offshore oil and gas fields in various stages of development (from geological prospecting to mature fields) in Russia and abroad, allowing the company to expand production in order to maximise profit in line with market conditions. Strategic Objectives 100 mtoe hydrocarbon ...

2 May 2020
Gas Engine Fuels

The Company is developing sales of gas engine fuels, specifically liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CPG). Rising demand for cheaper and more environmentally friendly transport is boosting the popularity of these fuel types. The company has a programme to promote ...

1 December 2019
Gazprom Neft’s Moscow Refinery expands its production and shipment of environmentally friendly LPG fuels

Gazprom Neft’s Moscow Refinery has completed the modernisation of its gas distribution plant — a new facility allowing the production and shipment of LPG (propane and butane) by road and rail, as well as facilitating the production of mixed gases. The project is being implemented as part of the Moscow Refinery’s full-scale ...

15 March 2019
Gazprom Neft launches the second process line at its gas treatment plant (GTP) at the Badra field, Iraq

Gazprom Neft subsidiary Gazprom Neft Badra has commissioned Line B at its 800 million cubic metre gas treatment plant (GTP) at the Badra field, Iraq. Gazprom Neft subsidiary Gazprom Neft Badra has commissioned Line B at its 800 million cubic metre gas treatment plant (GTP) at the Badra field, Iraq. The launch of this new process train marks the ...

27 August 2018
Gazprom Neft acquires licenses to develop two fields in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

... located 500 kilometres north—east of Salekhard. As at 1 January 2016, recoverable oil reserves at the field as recorded in the State Register of Mineral Reserves stand at 72 million tonnes, condensate at 4.6 million tonnes, and non-associated (free) gas at 183.3 billion cubic metres. In Q1 2017 Gazprom Neft, in its capacity as operator on development of the field, re-tested two wells and began preparations for cluster drilling. The Severo-Samburgksoye license block is located in the Purovsky District,...

2 May 2017
Messoyakhaneftegaz exploring potential for underground gas storage

... obtained a licence from Rosnedra (the Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency), for geological investigations and a suitability assessment at the Zapadno-Messoyakhsky licence block regarding the construction and commissioning of an underground gas storage facility. The licence is valid until 2024 and provides for investigations into the possibility of placing associated petroleum gas (APG) produced at the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field into the gas cap at the Zapadno-Messoyakhskoye gas and ...

11 April 2017
Gazprom Neft begins pre-commissioning works on gas-transport infrastructure at the Eastern section of the Orenburgskoe field

Gazprom Neft has completed construction and begun pre-commissioning works on gas-transportation infrastructure at the Eastern section of the Orenburgskoe oil and gas condensate field . A gas pipeline with a maximum throughput capacity of 5.7 billion cubic meters will ensure supplies to the Orenburgskoe gas processing plant, part ...

28 December 2016
Oil Producer Gazprom Neft Sees Bright Future for Gas

Interview with Head of Energy and Gas Directorate, Anton Gladchenko Nefte Compass Gazprom Neft, the oil arm of gas giant Gazprom, has increased its gas production about 10-fold in the last five years. In an interview with Nefte Compass, Anton Gladchenko, the head of the company’s ...

31 October 2016