Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Gazprom Neft deploys ultrasound-based oil-treatment technology unique to the industry

... high cost-effectiveness of this new technology, and scope for its replication throughout other company assets. “Cutting-edge methodologies, based on achievements in basic science, are helping us cut operating costs and increase efficiency in oil production. This is particularly important in developing mature fields, where projects’ financial viability is directly dependent on the right technologies.” Alexei Vashkevich Director for Technological Development, Gazprom Neft “Commitment to ...

27 January 2021
Unique digital substation commissioned at Gazprom Neft’s Novoportovskoye field

... remote drilling rigs. The first cluster pad is expected to be connected to the substation in January 2021, as part of the development of the northern section of the Novoportovskoye field, with the substation subsequently supplying electricity to all production and community facilities in Gazprom Neft’s promising Yamal development zone. “Building the Sever digital substation is a unique project, being implemented by the Gazpromneft-Yama team under severe Arctic conditions. It’s commissioning ...

25 December 2020
Gazprom Neft opens a Production Control Centre (PCC) in Muravlenko

Gazprom Neft has opened a Production Control Centre (PCC) in Muravlenko — this new PCC creating an integrated physical and digital space for optimising efficiency in realising the full potential of Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz assets. ...

22 December 2020
Gazprom Neft commissions a new heliport in the Arctic

Gazprom Neft has commissioned its new “Arctic” heliport at its Varandey shift camp, with the first flight having already transported 16 shift workers to the Prirazlomnaya platform in the Barents Sea. The most cutting-edge solutions for arranging flights under the harsh conditions of the Arctic have been deployed in building the heliport, which is equipped with a landing strip, apron, passenger service area complete with air-traffic control tower, and facilities-support...

16 December 2020
Gazprom Neft and Shell Establish Joint Venture to Develop Major Hydrocarbon Cluster on the Gydan Peninsula

... development plan. Gazpromneft-GEO will be the operator on the first stage of this project, responsible for exploration works at both the Leskinsky and the Pukhutsyayakhsky blocks. Meeting in St Petersburg, Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO for Exploration and Production Vadim Yakovlev and Shell Country Chair Russia Cederic Cremers have signed two Memorandums of Understanding on cooperating in reducing GHG emissions, and on improving air transport safety. Pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding on emissions-reduction ...

2 December 2020
Gazprom Neft expands promising oil-production cluster in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra

Gazprom Neft has acquired geological-exploration licenses for three blocks in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. These assets will form part of a major oil-production cluster bringing together the company’s assets in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and the Tomsk Oblast, creating resource potential in excess of 840 million tonnes of oil. These new assets ...

1 December 2020
Gazprom Neft’s production in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq reaches four million tonnes of oil

... its four-millionth tonne (32-millionth barrel) of oil since starting commercial development of the Sarqala field in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Three wells are now in operation at this field, with daily production running at about 3,100 tonnes (24,000 barrels) per day. Limitations arising under the COVID-19 pandemic notwithstanding, Gazprom Neft Middle East B.V. is continuing to develop this field and is implementing a number of key production projects,...

25 November 2020
Development strategy

... international player with a regionally diversified asset portfolio across the whole value chain, actively contributing to regional development and demonstrating high standards of social and environmental responsibility. The business in numbers by 2025 Production 100 million toe per year hydrocarbon production 1P (proven) reserves life – 15 years Annual 2P (probable) reserve replacement ratio (excluding acquisitions) of at least 100% Refining 40 million tonnes per year volume refined in Russia ...

11 November 2020
Gazprom Neft to launch a well-construction Drilling Control Centre (DCC) in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

... Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The Centre’s key function will be to provide full engineering, technological and geological support in well construction, with DCC specialists monitoring the construction of almost 30 production and exploratory wells and side-tracks round-the-clock,* controlling each stage of the production process from cluster-pad preparation to well commissioning. The Centre’s staff will include 50 experienced and highly qualified engineers, geologists,...

2 November 2020
Gazprom Neft, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug government, and oil and gas consultants Beicip-Franlab are to work together on developing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies

... Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra. The document also envisages the launch of joint scientific and educational programmes on EOR. Enhanced oil recovery technologies are one of the most effective tools in developing hard-to-recover reserves and increasing production at mature fields. Using these could bring a further 450 million tonnes of oil into production in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra. Full-scale deployment of CEOR in Russia is currently limited by the high costs of materials, and the need ...

23 October 2020
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