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Development strategy

... throughout Russia and the CIS More than 15 million tonnes premium sales in product lines (aviation fuel, marine bunker, lubricants, bitumens and petrochemicals) In May 2013 the Board of Directors of Gazprom Neft approved the 2025 corporate development strategy . This builds on the strategy out to 2020, which set out the path to achieving the objectives set for the main segments of the business (hydrocarbon production, refining and sales of petroleum products), and accounts for changing conditions ...

2 July 2020
Gazprom Neft increases trademark registrations in Russia and abroad

... prospecting, geology, drilling, development, oil production and surface facilities. “Intellectual property is becoming ever more important in increasing the company’s capitalisation, as well as in securing competitive advantage. Our brand management strategy involves a proactive approach to registering and protecting IP rights in every area in which we operate. We register every creative or technological development our production and marketing divisions come up with. That way, the company protects ...

30 June 2020
Gazprom Neft starts developing the largest gas condensate fields in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Gazprom Neft subsidiary Gapzromneft-Zapolyarye is set to begin developing Neocomian-Jurassic deposits at the Bovanenkovskoye oil and gas condensate field and the Kharasaveyskoye gas condensate field (in the Yamal Peninsula), as well as Achimovsky and oil-rim deposits at the Urengoyskoye oil and gas condensate field in the Nadym-Pur-Tazovsky area of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.* Gazprom Neft subsidiary Gapzromneft-Zapolyarye is set to begin developing Neocomian-Jurassic deposits at the Bovanenkovskoye...

19 May 2020
Gazprom Neft Board of Directors updated on implementation of the company’s Omsk catalyst project

The Gazprom Neft Board of Directors has been updated on progress on the construction of Russia’s first modern oil-refining catalyst-production facility. Gazprom Neft is continuing its construction of a high-tech-catalyst production facility in Omsk, with the future plant set to produce 21,000 tonnes of modern catalysts to be used in key processes involved in deep oil refining and the production of Euro-5 fuels. This initiative has been designated a “national...

12 March 2020
Gazpromneft-Aero expands its Russian sales network

... Gazprom Neft refinery in Omsk. Multistage quality control over aviation fuels is undertaken throughout the logistics chain, in despatching, transportation, delivery and acceptance, storage and preparation for aviation refuelling. “Gazprom Neft’s strategy for developing its aviation-fuels business envisages expanding the sales network throughout Russian and international airports. Added to which, a cohesive, integrated technical policy — developed on the basis of our longstanding partnership ...

25 February 2020
Gazprom Neft expands lubricants production abroad

... environment for our clients, all over the world.” Roman Miroshnichenko Managing Director, Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants Gazprom Neft’s marine lubricants are currently available at more than 250 ports, in 24 countries, worldwide. Gazprom Neft’s strategy for developing its marine lubricants business envisages the further proactive expansion of its retail network, together with increasing its geographic coverage in producing innovative products abroad — thanks to which, sales of Gazpromneft ...

10 December 2019
Development strategy

Mission statement and development strategy Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading industrial companies, driving industry transformation, making the impossible a reality, and inspiring our peers in Russia and beyond. Development strategy to 2030 In late-2018 the Gazprom ...

1 December 2019
Outcomes of R&D activities in refining technologies presented to the Gazprom Neft Board of Directors

... company’s R&D activities in oil refining. Gazprom Neft’s strategic objective to 2030 is to become the benchmark in safety, efficiency and technological advancement for other companies worldwide. The company’s strategy outlines key performance indicators in oil refining, achieving which will allow the company to further consolidate its position as one of the industry’s technological leaders. Such KPIs include achieving a conversion rate of at least 95 percent,...

29 November 2019
Gazprom Neft’s strategic development reviewed by the company’s Board of Directors

The Gazprom Neft Board of Directors has reviewed information on the Company’s implementation of its development strategy to 2030. Gazprom Neft’s current long-term strategy, approved by the Board of Directors in November 2018, outlines the key objectives in the company’s strategic development to 2030, and the means for achieving these in the light of a changing ...

29 November 2019
Gazprom Neft’s Board of Directors reviews the interim results of its 2019 investment programme

The Gazprom Neft Board of Directors has reviewed the implementation of its 2019 investment programme and budget based on the company’s performance in 1H 2018. Gazprom Neft’s investment programme is allowing it to maintain the planned pace of operations on key projects in the upstream, refining and sales sectors, as well as allowing it to achieve its medium-term and strategic goals. Gazprom Neft delivered positive growth in its 1H 2019 operational and financial...

25 October 2019
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