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Gazprom Neft Spending to Jump as Tax Incentives Drive Expansion

... 2020 as it develops Siberia's largest new deposits. "We have a lot of reserves that are ready for development," Yankevich said in Moscow. "We have had a number of things come together for us, mainly that we have clarity, more or less, on taxes." Russia, which earns about half its revenue from an oil and gas industry dependent on Soviet-legacy fields, is seeking to balance budget needs and tax breaks to spur investment in new deposits. Putin's call to keep oil output above 10 million ...

17 December 2012
Gazprom Neft doubles its tax payments to the city of St Petersburg in 2011

In 2011 Gazprom Neft paid around 22.5 billion roubles in tax to the St Petersburg city budget, almost twice the amount paid in 2010. The increase in tax payments is due, first and foremost, to the company’s having achieved a record financial performance in 2011, resulting from favourable marketing conditions, an increase in the refining and production volumes, optimisation of the sales structure, and the implementation of efficiency-boosting measures within all company’s activities. Gazprom Neft’s...

29 March 2012
Gazprom Neft Moving to Saint Petersburg

... Recently the management of Gazprom decided to relocate Gazprom Export to St Petersburg. — How much tax revenue did St Petersburg receive from Gazprom Neft in 2010? — Gazprom Neft has been St Petersburg’s largest taxpayer since 2007. In 2010, our taxes amounted to about 12 billion roubles, about 25% higher than 2009. So our contribution to the city canbe called significant, without any exaggeration,However, one should keep in mind that this data only refers to Gazprom Neft.There are quite a few ...

7 November 2011
Gazprom Neft Named St. Petersburg‘s Best Taxpayer in 2010

... who made the most significant contributions to the city budget during the year. The company received the “Best taxpayer of St. Petersburg” diploma from City Governor, Valentina Matvienko. The top 20 taxpayer list includes companies whose annual taxes are about 900 million rubles and above. The Gazprom Neft Group contributed about 12 billion rubles to St. Petersburg’s budget in 2010. Compared with 2009, the taxes Gazprom Neft paid to the city budget haveincreased by more than 25%. “St. Petersburg ...

23 May 2011
NIS: Company’s Performance in the First Quarter of 2011

Interview with Kirill Kravchenko, CEO of NIS Interview with Kirill Kravchenko, CEO of NIS May 2011, Blitz newspaper In May, large companies traditionally sum up the results of their work during the first quarter. We spoke to the CEO of NIS, Kirill Kravchenko, about how the company began 2011. — What was the company’s performance like in the first quarter of 2011? Did NIS manage to maintain the pace of growth it set last year? — In general, we are content with the company’s performance in the...

16 May 2011
Gazprom Neft Awarded St.Petersburg’s Best Taxpayer

... city’s budget 2009. According to St. Petersburg Mayor Valentina Matvienko, the Best Taxpayer Diploma represents the company’s quality mark and expresses a special credibility to the enterprises that have fulfilled their commitments to the state and pay taxes in full. Chairman of Gazprom Neft Management Board Alexander Dyukov stated: “Gazprom Neft was incorporated in St. Petersburg in June 2006, and it is now for four years on end that the Company was pronounced the best taxpayer of the city. Gazprom ...

10 June 2010
Gazprom Neft Named the Best Taxpayer of the Year for the Second Year Running

The Governor of Saint Petersburg has presented the “Best Taxpayer of Saint Petersburg” diplomas and memorable badges to the heads of 20 companies which made the largest contributions into the municipal budget in 2007. For the second year running Gazprom Neft takes the first place in the list. Gazprom Neft was re-registered in Saint Petersburg in June 2006 and according to the results of the first half-year it became the largest taxpayer which transferred more that RUR 9 billion into...

18 April 2008
JSC Gazprom Neft was Registered as a Taxpayer in St.-Petersburg

Today JSC Gazprom Neft was officially registered as a taxpayer in St.-Petersburg. According to the estimation of the company’s experts, it is expected that tax deductions of Gazprom Neft with subsidiaries to the budget of St.-Petersburg for the remained months of 2006 will make 7.72 billion rubles. Let’s note that according to the estimation of Gazprom Neft President Alexander Ryazanov, the company could build in the nearest future 30-50 filling stations in St.-Petersburg as their number...

7 June 2006
Valentina Matvienko: Tax Deductions of Gazprom Neft to the St.-Petersburg’s Budget will Make 15 billion Rubles a Year

Tax deductions of JSC Gazprom Neft to the St.-Petersburg’s budget can make up to15 billion rubles a year - Valentina Matvienko, the Governor, has declared at the session of the city government. "We are satisfied that our negotiations with Gazprom finished with such a great success… There will be a first large taxpayer in the city finally. It will give not only essential increase in a tax and profitable part of the budget, but will also recover a business rhythm of a mega city as...

17 May 2006
Sibneft Statement on Local Tax Payments in Omsk and Other Operating Regions

Moscow/Omsk, November 24, 2005. Gazprom views Sibneft as a company whose tax base should be employed as effective socially-oriented support for the regions where the company operates. Sibneft has a broad geography – stretching from European Russia to the Far East – and the concentration of most of its local tax payments in one region is not in line with Gazprom’s regional policy. Gazprom believes that the distribution of local tax obligations should be proportionally weighted, taking...

24 November 2005