Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Automated logistics handling at Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery storage facilities to be managed by autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)

Testing of new goods-handling robots at the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery’s digital logistics facility, involving automated platforms from leading Russian and international producers, is now complete. Following completion of this project Gazprom Neft has selected promising solutions for developing a fully automated logistics system. Robots were tested on undertaking various kinds of goods-handling tasks, including interacting with existing self-driving forklift trucks and undertaking operations involving...

9 September 2020
Gazprom Neft helps develop certification for 3D-printed icebreaker and tanker parts

The additive-technology-assisted refurbishment of equipment parts for Gazprom Neft icebreakers and tankers is to be certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping — the company having developed a roadmap for the certification of technological process flows ...

8 September 2020
Innovative Gazprom Neft bitumen ensures road-surface reliability at a new racetrack in the Leningrad Oblast

Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials, operator of the Gazprom Neft bitumens business, has been involved in developing a unique road covering for the main circular racetrack at the Igora Drive complex in the Leningrad Oblast. This bitumen—concrete (asphalt) mix, developed by Russian company ABZ-1, and involving innovative bitumen binders produced at the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery, has been developed in line with the local climate and the specific movement loads on the autodrome’s racing circuit. [/upload/medialibrary/e18/1...

25 August 2020
Finding Digital Oil

... companies in Oil and Gas invested more than 1,5 trillion dollars in digital transformation and only 30% got an outcome. How do you measure the success of your initiatives? — For the early R&D stage we created the internal strategy that we called Digital Technology Vision. This helps us to structure our early-stage R&D. We are now able to do a lot of tiny projects, 150 projects a year, with the budget allocated towards R&D for digital technologies of early maturity. So this is the way for us to try but ...

24 August 2020
Gazprom Neft agrees to work with the Government of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug in developing driverless vehicles in Yugra

Gazprom Neft has signed an agreement with the Government of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra on cooperating in using unmanned transport (driverless vehicles), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) and AI-based hardware and software. Signed by Alexander Dyukov (CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft), and Natalya Komarova (Governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug), this agreement outlines the key areas for joint activities in...

17 August 2020
Gazprom Neft tests an ultra-long-range drone for exploration geophysics

... further planning for subsequent stages of field exploration. The developers of this new aerial device have been able to offer brand new technological capabilities for the industrial use of UAVs consistent with the requirements of Gazprom Neft’s UAV Technology Centre and the company’s Science and Technology Centre. This ultra-long-range drone is made of special composite materials, which do not give rise to any disturbance during investigations. The device can carry a payload of up to five kilogrammes,...

11 August 2020
Gazprom Neft’s Board of Directors assesses the economic impact of the company’s digital transformation

The Gazprom Neft Board of Directors has produced a summary outlining the results of the first year of the company’s digital transformation strategy — new technologies and changes in business processes having delivered a RUB7.2-billion economic benefit to the company, as well as improving operational performance. More than 150 new digital initiatives and 10 digital transformation programmes were launched by Gazprom Neft in 2019. Thanks to the “Digital Oil” project, in particular, the company achieved...

5 August 2020
Gazprom Neft becomes the first company in Russia to join technology consortium The Open Group

As part of the Open Subsurface Data Universe business group Gazprom Neft will add its skills and competencies to those of IT and “smart energy” industry players including Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM, Microsoft, NVIDIA, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Equinor, BP, Shell and TOTAL. Gazprom Neft has joined international consortium The Open Group, becoming the first Russian business in a partnership comprising more than 700 innovation companies and organisations. As part of the Open Subsurface Data Universe...

3 August 2020
Gazprom Neft joins the international LNG-bunkering community

... development of our work at SGMF.” Mark Bell General Manager SGMF Gazprom Neft is actively developing the LNG bunkering sector in the Russian marine-fuels market, having localised and initiated the implementation of ISO 20519:2017 (Ships and marine technology — Specification for bunkering of liquefied natural gas fuelled vessels) in Russian shipping. Gazpromneft Marine Bunker is now implementing a project unique to Russia’s shipping industry — an LNG-bunkering vessel, which will make possible ...

30 July 2020
Messoyakhaneftegaz becomes the first company in Russia to implement a unique associated-petroleum-gas (APG) utilisation project

Messoyakhaneftegaz, a Gazprom Neft—Rosneft joint venture, has commissioned an underground gas storage facility at its Messoyakhsky license block. This is the first time in Russia’s domestic oil industry that associated petroleum gas (APG) at one field has been utilised at undeveloped gas-bearing strata at another. Implementing this unique project will allow Messoyakhaneftegaz to address its target of taking APG utilisation levels to 95%. All necessary infrastructure...

27 July 2020
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