Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Gazprom Neft starts commercial production of JET A-1 aviation fuel, in full compliance with international standards

Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery has started production of much-in-demand JET A-1 aviation fuel, for jet and turboprop engines. This marks a further expansion of the company’s aviation-fuels product range — the Omsk Refinery having, hitherto, produced TC-1 aviation kerosine, used on the Russian market. The first consignment of Gazprom Neft JET-A1 aviation fuel has already been delivered to partners in Asia. Sales of JET A-1 aviation fuel will be handled by Gazpromneft-Aero, operator of the company’s...

8 April 2021
Gazprom Neft, Yandex and JetBrains launch a free educational programme in robotics

... “The Computer Science Centre is soon going to be 10 years old: we’ve been running courses on the hottest, most cutting-edge topics in computer and data science since its inception. Robotics is a perfect example of working at the intersection of technology, algorithms and the physical world. At Yandex that means unmanned transport and rovers, developed by teams from various IT specialisms.” Evgenia Kulikova Head, Academic Programmes Service, Yandex

5 April 2021
Gazprom Neft moves into road construction

... its bitumens business. The cross-industry skills and competencies accumulated at that inter-section between oil refining and road construction have allowed the company to open up a whole new business area. The first roads to be built using new BRIT technology will be at Gazprom Neft’s own facilities in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, and in the Tomsk Oblast, this year: we expect the total length of these to reach about 350 kilometres by 2025.” Levan Kadagidze Head of Commercial Affairs ...

30 March 2021
Gazprom Neft’s “Kapitan” digital system delivers a 12% reduction in Arctic oil maritime logistics costs

Gazprom Neft’s deployment of its “Kapitan” Arctic digital logistics control system delivered a RUB900,000 economic benefit in 2019–2020 — unit costs per tonne of Arctic oil exported showing a 12% reduction against pre-deployment costs. This benefit was achieved by optimising tanker-operation costs (by selecting the most viable routes), better fuel economy, lower expenditure on icebreaker support, together with less downtime, and by optimising oil exports. The Kapitan system, developed by Gazprom...

29 March 2021
Gazprom Neft briefs Valery Falkov, Russia’s Minister for Science and Higher Education, on its development of an “innovation ecosystem” in conjunction with Russian universities

... Alexander Dyukov, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft, in St Petersburg.* The Minister was briefed on Gazprom Neft’s approaches to working with the university “ecosystem”, on the company’s methods and practices in managing technology, and on its projects in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotisation. Gazprom Neft’s strategy in engaging with the “innovation environment” is directed at developing technologies in high demand by the oil and gas industry, and at training ...

22 March 2021
Digital technologies increase Gazprom Neft’s oil production efficiency in the Tomsk and Omsk Oblasts

Gazpromneft-Vostok has commissioned a digital twin of the Urmano-Archinskaya group of fields, located in the Tomsk Oblast. This innovative system is one of the tools available through the company’s Production Control Centre (PCC), which brings together various oil and gas field infrastructure models. Launching this digital twin will make it possible to increase hydrocarbon production (while also increasing environmental friendliness), as well as increasing associated petroleum gas (APG) utilisation...

19 March 2021
Gazprom Neft to work with Japanese corporation FANUC on robotising industrial facilities

Gazprom Neft and FANUC Russia (a subsidiary of Japan’s FANUC Corporation) have agreed to develop joint projects in industrial robotisation — the signatories to this agreement being Andrey Belevtsev, Director for Digital Transformation, Gazprom Neft, and Alexandr Yashkin, Managing Director, FANUC LLC. The objective of this collaboration is to collectively test and deploy technical solutions for developing standalone complexes for industrial facilities in the oil and gas industry — this partnership...

16 March 2021
Developing a high-tech catalyst production industry in Russia: challenges and opportunities

... challenges posed by Covid-19 last year, the company continued to carry out construction work on all its sites. At the same time, the company maintained the health and safety of its employees through implementation of strict Covid-19 measures. Innovations Technology and innovation are key to the survival and growth of the catalyst sector, with manufacturers having to consistently search for new and advanced technological solutions to stay in the game. Gazprom Neft works with Russia’s leading scientific ...

1 March 2021
Gazprom Neft opens its “Zifergauz” digital transformation centre in St Petersburg

... 100 tonnes of environmentally friendly glass were used in building new walls and staircases at the Zifergauz. A new public area, accessible to all visitors to New Holland, will open at the Zifergauz in 2021. “The Zifergauz forms part of the major technology cluster Gazprom Neft is developing in St Petersburg. More than 10 of our innovation centres are already in operation throughout the city, each of which has a developing ‘ecosystem’ of partnering universities, technology companies and start-ups ...

1 March 2021
Gazprom Neft Aircraft Blockchain Platform enables Instant Refuelling Payment

... partners in the project operating at Murmansk international Airport. Refuelling requests, payment and the exchange of accounting documents are all carried out via applications installed on tablets held by pilots and refuelling operators. Blockchain technology guarantees transaction data is saved in the system and available to all the participants. Data from the Smart Fuel system is synchronized with an airline’s electronic flight bag and the digital aviation fuel accounting system of fuel trucks ...

1 March 2021
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