The “GeoNavigator” Drilling Support Centre

Providing digital remote support in drilling high-tech wells.

The “GeoNavigator” Drilling Support Centre (DSC) provides integrated engineering support in the drilling of high-tech wells, in real time.

Hard-to-recover reserves comprise about 70 percent of Gazprom Neft’s project portfolio. Developing these on a viable basis is only possible through the use of high-tech horizontal and multilateral wells, which are built through the GeoNavigator DSC using remote-controlled technology. GeoNavigator engineers use cutting-edge bespoke software, AI capabilities and neural networks to fine-tune geological models in drilling swiftly, facilitating the optimum positioning of wells in oil-bearing strata, and cutting lead-times and costs in well construction.

Twenty-four hours a day, all year round, DSC specialists are supporting the construction of about 900 high-tech wells throughout Russia and abroad, from St Petersburg.

The GeoNavigator Drilling Support Centre is located in St Petersburg Contacts