The Downstream Production Control Centre

An integrated digital platform for managing operations at the Moscow and Omsk Refineries.

The Downstream Production Control Centre is an initiative to create a digital control system for the Moscow and Omsk Refineries, facilitating the transition from managing individual, separate facilities to integrated and cohesive process-chain management.

The centralisation of all information streams from production units is already happening, through plants’ integrated operating centres. The next stage will be developing digital systems for automatic hourly planning, real-time recording of production data, and predictive deviation management in production. To that end, work is now in hand at Gazprom Neft refineries on developing digital twins of facilities, recreating the operation of physical equipment in a virtual environment.

These solutions use IoT technologies in transferring information from production facilities: data lakes are used to systemise and store this information, and AI used in analysing and selecting optimum operational scenarios.

The Downstream Production Control Centre’s offices are located in Moscow and Omsk