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Today’s market situation dictates some tough rules of the game: only those companies that have learned how to produce and refine oil better than their peers, and how to produce oil products ahead of the curve, can expect to succeed against the competition. All of which is unachievable without hard-hitting technological retooling. Which is why Gazprom Neft treats technological development as one of its key priorities

Production technology

Hard-to-recover reserves in the Arctic, the undeveloped fields of Eastern Siberia, new types of reserves — such as those in the Bazhenov Formation — therein lies the future of the Russian oil industry.

The key to the future lies in high-performance technologies in exploration and production. New technologies are also fundamental to remaining resources at mature fields. Promising trends, touching all areas of the oil production process — from geological prospecting to field management — have been brought together to form Gazprom Neft’s Technology Strategy, closely aligned with genuine business opportunities as much as with the company’s strategic objectives.

Upstream technologies – priority areas
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«Green» seismic, high-precision seismic and electronic prospecting; the search for new oil-bearing regions, including basin modelling

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Technical limit, geo-steering systems and remote controlled drilling, rotary steerable systems (RSS)

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Efficiency in oil refining

The company’s search for answers to industry-wide challenges forms part of a research and development (R&D) programme in oil refining — the flagship technological initiative here, and one awarded the status of a national governmental project, being the development of catalyst production in Omsk, and the development of catalysts for secondary refining processes to replace imported products on the domestic market. Other areas focussing on technological development in oil refining include more environmentally friendly production processes, and improving refineries’ efficiency through automation.

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High-tech product development

The company’s leading position in various sectors of the petroleum products market is also largely the result of technological development. Russia’s most modern highways are today being built using innovative bitumen materials from Gazprom Neft; G-Energy-branded lubricants successfully cope with the inordinate demands on sports car engines; and specialist aviation fuel — avgas — developed by the company has been approved by leading aircraft engine manufacturers.

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Technology in energy

Its use of cutting-edge production technologies is, already, delivering a genuine competitive edge for Gazprom Neft, maintaining its reputation one of the most effective operators on the market. More importantly, however, the company continues to work towards the future — and not, moreover, just the future of the oil industry. High-capacity, standalone power stations in Arctic fields, reducing environmental impacts through more effective use of associate petroleum gas (APG), wind power and geothermal power stations — this too is all part of what makes Gazprom Neft. A company committed to always moving forward.

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