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Technological partnerships

Technological partnerships

Finding solutions to present-day production issues amid changing external conditions, whilst searching for answers to global challenges posed by the need to access remote production regions, process hard-to-reach hydrocarbon deposits, and increase the efficiency of refining operations, demands the creation of an innovative environment within our sector. Forming strategic partnerships is one of the most important components of Gazprom Neft’s technological development plan

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As part of its programme to increase and deepen technological collaboration, Gazprom Neft is conducting a targeted and systematic search for partner organizations engaged in innovative activity in areas of strategic importance for the company. At Gazprom Neft’s Vyngapurovskoye field, for example, successful trials have been conducted on the first Russian-made rotary steerable system (RSS) for directional drilling, developed by Elektropribor State Research Centre in St Petersburg.

The major focus of our techonological partnerships within Russia is on creating innovative equipment for continental shelf operations

Cooperation agreements have so far been signed with several Russian companies producing new equipment and technology for developing the continental shelf, including Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering, Uralmash NGO Holding, and Gusar.

Our collaborations are focused on designing offshore oil and gas facilities, and on creating prototypes for high-tech offshore drilling and wellhead equipment. Prirazlomnoye platform in the Pechora Sea is already home to the first Russian-made electric centrifugal pump system in operation on Russia’s continental shelf.

International projects

Together with Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Gazprom Neft is creating an international innovation centre in St Petersburg devoted to automation in hydrocarbon processing.

Specialists from the Russian and Japanese companies will work together to create and implement a new generation of computer systems, which will meet the challenges of optimizing the planning and modelling of technological processes, continual quality and quantity control for production throughout the value chain, and management of refining assets. These new solutions will be based on innovative technologies such as predictive control, mathematical modelling for production, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Industrial Internet of Things.

An engineering company specializing in measuring technology and industrial automation, and operating in 50 countries throughout the world.

Working with the Skolkovo Foundation

To implement some of its larger-scale innovative projects, Gazprom Neft is working in collaboration with the Skolkovo Foundation. At the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, a Gazprom Neft Research and Development Centre is being created which will be devoted to developing and implementing software solutions for automating business processes in the hydrocarbons sector.

In addition to the Skolkovo Foundation’s information technologies cluster, Gazprom Neft is holding a competition for startup projects in the field of data processing. The Skolkovo Foundation will award the winners grants of up to RUB 5 million, and the best solutions may be selected by Gazprom Neft for industrial implementation.

In partnership with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), Gazprom Neft is examining the potential of cognitive technologies in the exploration and development of hydrocarbon reserves, and conducting research on prognostic analysis for large quantities of information (big data) and on developing technologies for gathering, storing, modelling, and visualizing data for geological and technological processes, as well as for processes in oil transportation and refining.

180 RUB million has been earmarked for investment in the Skolkovo Research and Development Centre by 2019
Skolkovo Moscow School of Management Skolkovo Moscow School of Management
Skolkovo Moscow School of Management Skolkovo Moscow School of Management

Digital development is one of the most important areas in which Gazprom Neft is building technological partnerships, and we are building them with some of the sector’s leading players in the Russian and global markets. The company is collaborating with IBM to create new IT tools and software solutions for optimizing processes in geological exploration, design, refining, and oil and gas field development. These tools and solutions are based on cognitive data analysis, machine learning, and high-performance computing.

Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are also providing the foundation for promising projects in the areas of drilling and completions, modelling refining processes, and optimizing additional production processes; these are being developed by Gazprom Neft in collaboration with Yandex.

Our Corporate Tech Innovation Hub

St Petersburg has become the home of Gazprom Neft’s very own Corporate Tech Innovation Hub, designed to facilitate direct collaboration between developers and providers of IT solutions and the hydrocarbons sector. Gazprom Neft offers Hub participants a platform for testing and conducting trials on promising solutions and innovative technologies. Regular information sessions are held to demonstrate the functionality and efficiency of new IT solutions to potential clients.

Our Hub is the place for new developments and innovative solutions
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Corporate Tech Innovation Hub Corporate Tech Innovation Hub
Corporate Tech Innovation Hub Corporate Tech Innovation Hub
Corporate Tech Innovation Hub Corporate Tech Innovation Hub
Corporate Tech Innovation Hub Corporate Tech Innovation Hub

In-demand technologies

The creation of a list of the technologies and equipment most in-demand by companies has constituted a huge step forward in expanding the Russian supplier base, increasing participation in the creation of new, competitive manufacturing forces within Russia, and encouraging the localization of the manufacturing operations of leading industrial players from abroad.

In order to submit a proposal to implement or develop a technology included in the catalogue, please email a completed proposal letter to

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We are enthusiastic about reviewing interesting and promising proposals from developers of effective technologies.

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